More Prizes

More prizes to show you!! If you haven’t donated yet, you still have through Tuesday to do so! And, we have more prizes coming STILL!! We are well over $5,000 — lets try to get to $10,000!!!

3 skeins of Handspun from Michael-Lyn and Aloft Fibers! THey are all spun from Sunshine Yarns SW Merino Roving. The dark pink is Le Florimond DK weight and is 156 yards. THe fun colored skein is Wonderland thick and thin and is 211 yards. And finally, the gorgeous purples is a whopping 8 oz. of fingering weight (610 yards) in the Paper Dolls Colorway. DROOL!!!! Thank you Michael-Lyn for this gorgeous prize donation!

A new prize from Mama Sunshine!! My Mom, Leslie, is an avid quilter and made this for one lucky winner. Its a Wall hanging in Shades of Blue! Thank you so much MOM!!

And, Sheri’s stitch markers arrived!! She sent us 12 lovely sets of stitch markers!! We will be including these in with some of the yarny prizes. Thank you so much Sheri — they are all beautiful!

We All Love Prizes!

These are some of the prizes I have sitting here for the Colorado Wildfire Fundraiser!! This is just a small handful of some of the goodies I have here. Remember, I have a sweater’s worth of yarn, a few sets of grab bag skeins, more totes, more needles, tons of patterns donated by designers, more handspun on the way, greeting cards, stitch markers and YARN AND YARN!!!! The list is growing by the day, so lets keep the donations rolling in!! I’ll be adding to the list on the post below, as things get finalized!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We were busy between all the yarny stuffs and the fundraiser, but we were happy to take a break and head to Red Rocks on Saturday night. We saw the Avett Brothers and they were just amazing (and just what we needed). At the concert, they passed around a boot to raise money for the Colorado Wildfires, and wow… What an audience of 9,000 can do! They did this the night before too and raised over $20,000, but I think we beat them on night 2. I still need to find an amount for that…

Okay, that it is for today! I have a few more pictures up on my flickr too of some yarn donations. And, don’t forget, there is also a Sunshine Yarns store update tomorrow, July 3rd at 11am MDT!! Yay!

More Prizes!

We are adding more prizes to the list below, but I also wanted to announce them here! We have:

*Thea Coleman, of BabyCocktails is donating a pack of 5 patterns of your choice!!

*Michael-Lyn, our Sunshine Yarnies moderator, and the face behind Aloft Fibers is donating a skein of handspun!

*Sheri, of Handmade by Sheri, is donating a handful of stitch marker sets!!

Colorado Wildfire Fundraiser

I know it has been FOREVER since I’ve blogged, but we need your help!!

Sunshine Yarns has started a Fundraiser to help those affected by the Colorado wildfires. I grew up here, and currently live outside of Boulder and its just heartbreaking seeing so many loose their homes. Things have changed in our climate the past decade here, where controlled burns aren’t even making a difference. The warmer Winters have caused less snow overall, which means less Spring runoff and more pine beetle kills. More pine beetle kills and less moisture make the warmer Summer’s a dangerous time. We are currently in the middle of an extreme drought and heatwave, and fires are breaking out across the State.

To date, the High Park Fire outside of Ft. Collins has burned more than 87,000 acres and destroyed 257 homes. The Waldo Fire in CO Springs grew out of control on Monday and is currently sitting at more than 16,000 acres with an unknown amount of homes lost (this number is going to be in the 100s). There are currently over a dozen active fires burning and we need your help (one is called the Flagstaff Fire and is right in our backyard here in Boulder)!!

Donate to any organization from the list below, and for every $10 you donate, you get entered in the drawing once. So, for example $50 = 5 entries. After you donate, just send an email to: [dani at sunshineyarns dot com] with your name, the organization(s) you donated to, and the amount. We are going on the honor system here, so no need to foward us the donation page with your credit card info, etc. Donations made from now through July 10th will be entered in our drawing on July 15th. If you have any questions, definitely email me.

And prizes you say?!?! I will be posting pictures of some of the prizes over the course of the contest, but the grand prize winner will receive a sweater’s worth of Sunshine Yarns in either Merino Sport or Merino Worsted (in your choice of color, 8 skeins of either).
We also have:

*Skeins of handspun!!! I’m donating two, as well as good friend Nisse of Spinning Joy

*A skein of yarn from good friend Wendi of Indieway Yarns ….and, a pattern of your choice from your Ravelry wish list (up to a $5 value) She is also doing a fundraiser, so make sure you check out her shop and site info!!

*A donation from our wonderful, local LYS, Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins. They donated a book, Lantern Moon Needles and Thirsty Hands Beeswax Lotions

*A gift box from our favorite local Spice store, Savory Spice Shop. They are also going to be donating 100% of their proceeds from the weekend of July 6th -8th to the fire… So, please make sure you shop with them on those days specifically!!

*Teas from Celestial Seasonings, which is just down the road from us here in Boulder, CO!

*Thea Coleman, of BabyCocktails is donating a pack of 5 patterns of your choice!!

*Michael-Lyn, our Sunshine Yarnies moderator, and the face behind Aloft Fibers is donating a few skeins of handspun!

*Sheri, of Handmade by Sheri, is donating a handful of stitch marker sets!!

*Ozo Coffee, our absolute favorite coffee house in town, donated 2 travel mugs for 2 lucky winners!

*Some Sunshine Yarns tote bags and needles… grab bag skeins and more!!!

*We have some more prize announcments coming too, so stay tuned!!

And, sites to donate at:

The Red Cross Colorado Chapter. You can donate to any of the fire areas, or you can do a general donation.

The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is helping with the Waldo Fire. Please put a note that its for Disaster Relief with your donation!!

Pikes Peak Humane Society. They need LOTS of help due to the Waldo Fire!!

Larimer Humane Society. They need lots of help for all the animals displaced by the High Park Fire.

Rist Canyon Fire Department. You can donate online to this fire department! This area lost lots of homes in the High Park Fire.

CO Professional Firefighters Association. Aid and support for our firefighters!!

The Wolf Sanctuary. The wolves that had to be evacuated due to the High Park Fire need your help too!

If there are any other places you wish to donate, please feel free to contact us! You can see more information on Help Colorado Now Page, or at 9 News. Thank you, thank you!!!

How is it September?!

I can’t believe how the past few months have flown by! Sadly, the blog and my knitting have been neglected. But, the good news is that we bought our first house and moved mid-August! Our new house still needs a studio proper, and a little TLC, but it does has everything we could ask from Colorado.

Our almost 2 acre little gem:

Other than the crazy amount of house-hunting and dyeing of massive amounts of yarn the past 7 months, we managed to squeeze in a triathalon mid-Summer, 4 weddings, a huge backyard garden, and a trip back to Boston and Vermont. I wonder why summer flew by?! Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you!!