A Bunch Of Jibberish

Oh, another few days gone by, and I have so little to show for it right now. I’ve been working on a secret project, which will be debuting tomorrow (keep your fingers crossed). I’ve also been trekking away at theses blocks… Can you guess how many I have done from the pictures?! On two blocks so far, I ran short a meter or two of yarn and might be cutting a few tails to make up for it.

As for mail news, Rebecca sent me the greatest little thank you package. I gave her the extra’s for two of the blue colors in the wave skirt. She is going to be making one with different shades of blues! Its going to be beautiful! So, thank you Rebecca, I LOVE all these little goodies :)

Besides all that, is there anyone out there that is good with Blogger?! As you can see, I am starting to archive some things to cut down on all the nonsense in the right hand bar. I’ve figured out how to do galleries for finished works, but can’t seem to figure out how to have a link to various posts. For example, under the Who I Am category, I want to be able to click on that link and have only the three posts that explain who I am. I can get the link to go to one post, but what do I need to do to have it link to more than one post?! Does that make sense? Its not the end of the world if this isn’t possible, but I think it would make for better browsing.


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