n. pl. id· i·o·syn·cra·sies -A structural or behavioral characteristic peculiar to an individual or group.

Write down five of your own personal idiosyncracies.

1. I go through at least 100 pounds of flour a year. And, I mean at least… Some years, I would say 150 pounds. I love to bake, I love desserts.. Its as simple as that!

2. I bite my nails. I hate the fact that I do it and will stop for a few months, but then start biting again. This cycle kills me.

3. It kills me when people litter and when people don’t recycle. I am a total environmentalist and have been known to pull of the side of the road and pick up trash.

4. I will never want to stop learning. I love being in school, learning new things and even, achem, studying for tests! I have a hard time being around people that think school is not important and that once high school or college is over, that’s it! I think its so important for people to stay involved and realize the fact that knowledge has no limits.

5. I hate shopping (well, with the exception of yarn that is). You will hardly ever find me in a mall at will. Most of my friends think I had some genetic mix-up at birth and inhereted the male shopping gene!

I’m not going to pass this on to anyone! If you want to take a stab, go for it! Also, I am going to be back up in the White Mountains for work the rest of the week, so I will see you all on Friday afternoon! Have a good rest of the week everyone!


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