2008 In Picture

A few days behind, but here is a snapshot of our 2008.

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1. Cactii in the desert; 2. Dani in the Needles, Canyonlands; 3. Sunset from the Needles Campground; 4. Double-O Arch at the Arches, Utah; 5. Baby Amelia; 6. Rachel and Dani at Cocoa Beach, FL; 7. Amelia napping; 8. Orlando sushi dinner; 9. Welcome Baby Amelia!; 10. Peony bud in Vermont; 11. Dani and Johanna at Old City Falls, Vermont; 12. Kaya; 13. Dani and Kaya; 14. View from Rabbit Ears Pass, CO; 15. Steamboat Springs, CO; 16. Birthday toast; 17. Snowshoeing near Maroon Bells; 18. Hiking at Hanging Lake, CO; 19. Skiing in Snowmass, CO; 20. Katherine and Dani in Chicago; 21. Scott’s 30th Birthday cake; 22. At the top of Mt. Sanitas, Boulder, CO; 23. Flatirons in Boulder; 24. Scott at the Red Sox; 25. Fenway; 26. First ride in Colorado; 27. Biking across Martha’s Vineyard; 28. On the beach at the Vineyard; 29. Chicago wedding; 30. Taryn, Jay and little Ryan; 31. Lehigh Football game; 32. At Chris and Colleen’s wedding; 33. Lake Isabelle, CO; 34. Jumping outside Boulder; 35. BU Hockey game; 36. Our first anniversary

We traveled. Alot. It was really fun going back through all of our pictures and digging up wonderful memories. The funny thing is, 2008 was a year we were really ready to have end. The last 6 months have been full of hard times, unusual consequences and stress. We couldn’t even finish out the year without a bang. This past Tuesday a wind storm here in Boulder knocked my parents fence down and onto our brand new car! Newman is living at the auto body shop now for a few weeks. But, looking at all these pictures just puts a smile on my face. It goes to show that lots of good times far outweight the bad. I know that our lives are still not completely in order, and that we will probably be moving again in the near future. I take comfort in these pictures and am happy to have 2009 here at last.

Wishing you all a wonderful, happy and healthy 2009!

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