Walking on Sunshine

Thank you, thank you SP5! You rock! Of course with today being Monday, I was in a sulking mood when I got home from work. Then, I saw a package, and low and behold, I was walking on sunshine! Look at what I got….

She sent me a beautiful card, a new, stylish tape measure, a Little Miss Sunshine book (I used to collect these when I was little), the knitting journal I wanted, and this beautiful, sock yarn by Done Roving in the color “Gulf of Maine”! The colors of this yarn are so me, its unbelievable. Notice the similarity to the yarn I dyed down below!

Speaking of that yarn I dyed over the weekend, here it is! I am calling this colorway “Earth Day” since the colors totally remind me of oceans and forests. This yarn is self-striping, though the stripes are subtle due to the numerous shades of green. I was going to list the recipe for this, but I used way to many packets and flavors of Kool-Aid and I fear that it may bore you all (if you want to know, email me)! This yarn is 100% merino and is somewhere around 400 yards. If you are interested in purchasing this yarn, its going to be listed on ebay tonight!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, here is the recipe for “Earth Day”. Also note that I originally had 4 colors, which is what I am going to give you… However, one jar cracked and the Mint Green and the Grass green ran together in the pot (I was using the pot water as my 4th color). 5 packets Wild Watermelon Kiwi (green) and 1/3 of a packet Grape.
Sky Blue: 4 Ice Blue Raspberry (blue), 1/3 packet Pina Pineapple (light orange), a few sprinkles of Grape, and 1/3 packet of Lemonade (yellow).
Mint Green: 5 Arctic Green Apple (mint green), few sprinkes of Grape.
Grass Green: 3 Wild Watermelon Kiwi (green), sprinke of Grape, sprinkle of Lemonade, 1/3 packet of Ice Blue Raspberry (blue).

Forest Green:

And last but not least, the almost finished hourglass! I am having issues photographing this sweater and the sun was setting on me tonight… but, there it is! I have done 4 decreases on the yoke and they are taking FOREVER (300 stitches around). At least each decrease knocks off 8 stitches, so it will go alot faster as I go. I am hoping to finish this over the weekend.

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