Two for Tuesday

This weekend I managed to start on both sleeves for my hourglass sweater. As of now, I am up to the 12.5″ mark on both! I am really happy that I bought a second circular to start the other one, because now when I am done with the sleeves, I am almost there (none of this going back to work the other one crap). On Sunday night, I did have a little “incident” with sleeve #1… I left the sleeve on my bed for about five minutes to run out to the kitchen, and sure enough Soma was on top of it when I returned! Nooo!!! I grabbed the sleeve away to find a few pulls in it! I fixed the pulls as best I could and just sulked a bit. I always tell myself never to leave my knitting out, and it was my fault for leaving it right next to her on the bed. I just wish the act of knitting wasn’t so tempting to kitties sometimes. I swear that they have this internal radar that lets them know the proximity of a new project and the exact GPS location of its existence!

And in more exciting news, I learned how to crochet yesturday! Well, I did learn how to do the basic stitch (or loop?) with yarn, but then I started out on beads. I went from a large crochet hook to a tiny one (size 11/12 if anyone cares) in a matter of minutes. I am still super slow and am trying to get the hang of it, but here it is… the beginnings of a crocheted rope bracelet.

Oh, and since I know some of you have been organizing your yarn stash recently, here are a few pictures of my attempt at organization…The large clear, plastic bin is from The Container Store and is being used to store leftovers and yarn I am not planning on using in a while (this one is now in our “storage closet” in the extra bedroom). The other (achem post office) bin is being used for yarn that I am using or yarn that I plan to use in the near future (and this one is readily accessible). Yes, yes, I am anal, but I found that my yarn was spreading in to all rooms of the house!


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