Beads Gone Wild!

In an attempt to find a few more specific beads, I headed to Beadworks on Newbury Street in Boston yesturday. First things first, who knew that Newbury Street was the South Beach of Boston!? I hadn’t been down there yet (though I guess I had been everywhere else around Newbury) and was surprised to find women (more like models) walking around in these skimpy little outfits. I had no idea that Newbury Street was the place to be and be seen (a little sarcasm here)! Mind you I was wearing the oldest shorts in the world and a large old XL Lehigh T-shirt, with my hair all rumbled and broken sandles falling off my feet. Not that it matters, it was just more of a laugh ;)!!

On to the point though…Beadworks rocks! I was in heaven in there (while Scott, so patiently, helped me spend my money). The store was, of course, a bit pricey, but they had the most beautiful and unique beads around (I didn’t notice if they had any seed beads..yes, thats how entranced I was). All in all, I walked away and came straight home to start plugging away at my stitch markers. Some of the ones I CAN show you know are down below (I made these for a friend and I). All the other ones you are going to have to wait since I need be stealth-like for a few more days.

Oh, and kudos to Jo and Johanna for guessing right! All those beads are for stitch markers and a crocheted rope! I am learning how to make the ropes this week, so stay tuned!


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