Happy Weekend everyone! We finally have some gorgeous summer weather here in Boston and, hence, not a whole lot of knitting news. I am getting close to being done with the body of the Hourlgass sweater, but I want to wait until I get to that point before posting pictures. So, a bunch of fun and random pictures for today..

Here is the yarn I am using to make as secret project for someone. Its so nice and I really love working with it!

And of course I just have to rave a bit…I bought this hand salve at the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair last weekend and it works wonders. If anyone else out there has issues with dry hands, try this stuff out. And, how cute is my brother! My mom sent me a copy of his Senior picture (he is graduating High School next week from Denver Academy) and I love it! He has some major dreads going on. He is adopted by the way, just in case anyone is wondering why we look nothing alike!

And last, but not least… this is why I am not getting any knitting done this weekend! I splurged a bit yesturday on Beads for 2, not 1, beading projects at Crystal Blue Beading Company. Can anyone guess what I am doing with all these beads?!


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