Tuesday News

First off, check out the Puuurfect Kitty Contest, hosted by Cara, to vote for my little Kali! Soma isn’t up yet, but will probably be in next weeks contest.

The latest addition to my knitting basket is the Azkaban Scarf for all you Harry Potter fans out there. I think this scarf is going to be great for my 10 year old cousin! If you are interested in seeing how this scarf is going to look, check out this blogger who is getting close to being finished (she helped me pick out yarn for mine!). I really like the changes that were made to the scarf for the next few movies. The colors are more deep and the striping is toned down a bit.

In other news, I attempted to bike on Memorial Day, but got a flat tire and then didn’t have enough time to go. I did, however, sport these new socks yestuday! Thanks to Claudia for posting the link to Team Estrogen and these great cycling sheep socks!


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