All Smiles

I had an incredible day today… and a long one! After our emissions test (yes, I am now an official registered Massachusetts driver… but am sad that I had to get rid of my CO plates) we were off to Cummington, MA for the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair. It was an incredible sight as you can see below and I was totally blown away by all the fabulous yarns, spinning supplies, general knititng supplies and the animals! The sheep were all super cute and even posed for a few pictures. There were lots of vendors, not as many as I was expecting, but enough to keep me busy for a few hours. Believe it or not, I only walked away with a few purchases (pictures are coming tomorrow).

After the fair, Scott and I headed into Northampton, MA and then to our hiking location near Mt. Tom. We did a short 3-4 mile, fairly easy hike, which was nice since I think we were so sick of all the rain and were just so happy to be outside! We headed back to Boston tonight and just gorged on some sushi… So, all in all, a great day! And to make it even better, I still have two days off of work!

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