Froggy Day

I started this sock last night and this is what I ended up with… Could it be a wristband??? Tempting, but no. After a brief frogging episode, I ended up with a lovely pile of yarn and the same Trekking Yarn I started with. I was obsessed with this yarn, when I saw a few other people using it, but am not as happy with how it knits up in terms of the colorway. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors, I just don’t like the twist as much as I though I was going to.

The reason why I frogged this was that the cast on edge was way to loose. I used size 1US for this, but am going to try casting on with a 1 and moving to a 2 to keep it a bit more even overall. I highly recommend The Knitter for Trekking and other nice yarns. They have free shipping and have super nice customer service. I emailed back and forth with Judy about yarn, stock and, of course, Boulder since that is where they are based and that is where I am from!

I have an exciting day tomorrow… I am venturing out to the the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair! Check out this for more information!

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