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Stained Glass

I love how colorful this is.

It’s Spincerely roving in a beautiful 60/30/10 superwash merino/bamboo/nylon blend. The color is called Stained Glass, and each turn of the wheel brings out new colors, new hints of shades I never noticed. I am so thankful that I bought up the full 8 ounces of this colorway! I’m planning on using it for a baby sweater, and think I’ll have sport/dk weight yarn. Any pattern suggestions?

That’s Me Dyeing in the Snow

I don’t think twice about it, but some people thing its so funny/hilarious/awesome/crazy that I dye yarn outside year-round. Now, this isn’t really a choice, its more of a fact that I have zero studio space. I refused to continue using my kitchen as the studio when we moved to Colorado, and I have been standing firm. It does stink on some colder/snowier days, but I really do enjoy being outside and I’m never short of fresh air. I will hopefully have an amazing studio soon, but for now, I am enjoying the outdoors..

Simple Picture

The view from my front door yesterday morning after the storm cleared:

Meditative Spinning

It has been over 6 months since I last pulled out the spinning wheel. I had the sudden urge during the superbowl and sat watching and spinning away….

I turned this pretty stuff/fluff

Into this:

The roving is from Cloudlover and its a 50% Merino/50% Tencel in the Decay colorway. The colors muddled up a little more than I would have liked them to, but overall, its a pretty nice “first spin in forever” skein. I think I’ll let this one sit for a while before it gets knit up. Spinning is so meditative and when I’m super crazy busy, it feels good to sit in front of the fire and spin away. Now, what to spin next?!

Last Bit of Love

Now that they have all been sent and received, I can finally show off the super-duper “Sweet Sunshine” Valentine’s Day sock kits! These were so fun to put together, but took way more time than I could have expected. Of course, I had to have them all be just perfect…

The kits included: Secret Keeper skein of Classic sock yarn, heart tin with red hots, Chocolove bar, custom chapstick, mini Soak wash, two little heart stitch markers, conversation hearts, pencil, heart erasers, heart lollipop and a sweet thank you.

I hope you all enjoyed your kits – I can’t wait to do another round!