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My Little Model

Rachel and Peter sent me some fabulous new pictures of Amelia yesterday, and I just had to share. Remember this dress? Doesn’t she look like a little model, straight out of a Rowan baby knits book?

My little love – growing up so fast!

Amelia Vine Flower Dress

A big thank you to Anne Hanson, for dreaming up such a great pattern! Enjoy :)

Carrot Greens and Beer

That was all we had in the fridge for the first week at our new house. We moved over the course of two weeks and are finally all settled – we even started hanging some pictures on the wall! Phew….

Our new place is fabulous. We have the mountains and open space in the backyard, a house to call home and two levels of living/business space for us and the kitties to play in. Though we don’t own this place, I feel like this will be perfect for at least the next year.

Welcome to Twilight street!

Twilight Street

All the moving and keeping the business running has left me with pretty much no time for anything else. The garden is still doing awesome and we have another triathalon coming up in a few weeks. I need to find my knitting mojo! I do have a spinning project to show you, but for now, another yellow-inspired shot (hopefully you aren’t sick of all the yellow yet).

Our first True Gold zuchini for the year paired with a few yummy yellow Sunshine Yarns colorways –

Yellow Goodness

Have a great weekend!