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I Heart Yellow

Yellow is my newest favorite color. Shades of sunlight, saffron riches, golden buttercups, garden blossoms – yellow is truly everywhere.

Ishbel in Sunsilk

I couldn’t resist the last batch of Sunshine – go figure :) I cast on last week after deciding to make an Isbhel. I figure that I have some mindless knitting until the pattern section begins – mindless + moving = good!

More yellow goodness –

I Heart Yellow
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Have a great weekend!

Peak Triathalon

On Sunday morning, at the butt crack of dawn, I finished the Boulder Peak Triathalon. This was my first Olympic distance Tri and it was really an amazing experience. Boulder has some of the world’s best athletes, and it was very cool to race amongst many of them….

Here I am a few days ago getting ready for my last ride! I know, I look serious from behind, don’t I?

Last Ride!Last Ride!

A small early morning and pre-race mosaic at Boulder Reservoir! My friend Sarah did the Triathalon too, which made it alot more fun —

Boulder Peak Mosaic

I ended up finishing in about 250th place out of about 600 women with a time of 3:11:42. I wanted to go at least 3:30, so I made that goal. If I didn’t get shin splints on the 10k run, I could have actually run most of the run straight, without having to stop and walk here and there. Right there, thats 15 minutes. See how competitive I can be?

Now, on to the next race! We are doing the Wild on Windsor the end of August. This one should be easier – no 15% climb during the ride and maybe they will map the swim to the right distance this time! I am pretty sure I’ll be able to go at least 2:55 for this race, but for now, I’m taking a few days of rest and will get back into the swing of things later this week.

Did I mention we are moving? Starting tomorrow, we have a beautiful, beautiful house right up against the mountains. We are just renting, but I am so in love with the location and the house itself. So, another few busy weeks ahead!

Happy Birthdays!

Today, Soma and Kali turned 5! My big baby kittens are still total cuteness –

Kali Sweetness

Kitty Licks

Sweet Soma

Kali Closeup

We had alot of other stuff going on this past weekend. Scott was in California for a wedding, I was here doing my first Olympic distance Triathalon. My dad turned 60. A big weekend all around! I am taking the day off and recovering, eating, drinking, stretching. More Tri news tomorrow :)

Happy Birthday again Dad!!!

Dads 60th Mosaic

Water, Sun, Compost and Love

I am so amazed at our garden. Everytime I see it, I think, “how was it so easy to grow all this amazing, organic food?!” I wish we had the space to do this in previous years. Kick, kick, kick. I know this isn’t rocket science, but we have had so much fun learning about our plants, how things grow in our Colorado climate and local tips and tricks. We go to our local farmers market every Saturday and always bring questions, “Do our squash have enough room?”, “Do our lemon cucumbers need support?”, “What natural remedy do you use for flea beetles?”

Here is where we started back in mid/end of April. We put our lettuce and spinach in the ground and planted our chard:

April 30th Garden

When we returned from our camping trip in mid-May, we planted the: beets, cilantro, yellow zuchini, basil, tomato plants, lemon cucumbers, carrots and winter squash. Most of the plants we have are organic, heirloom varieties and were planted with a small mound of compost. Here is the garden the end of May:

May 28th Garden

Most of our veggies started to sprout and grow pretty quickly. We bought lots of our seeds from Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce. The one plant that just makes me happy every day is chard. This is truely the plant that keeps on giving.

Late June, the garden turned into this:

June 24th Garden

We put down some plastic cover to keep the clover from invading. At this point, everything was exploding in the garden. We had our first tomato the end of June and finally had to pull the spinach on the 27th. I couldn’t figure out why the spinach suddenly got so tall and was making mini-me leaves. It was bolting, yes :)

We don’t have an entire garden picture from today, but we have lots of other beautiful pictures. Everything is starting to come together. New plants in, old plants out, thinning, weeding, waiting, eating – its all good in my book! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

July 9th Garden
True Gold Zuchini Flower
Baby Purple Dragon Carrots
San Marzano Romas

Long Time Coming

This project has been around forever. I started it last summer for a wee one and well, it didn’t get finished! Now that its finally seamed and blocked, it will be moving on to a long-time friend who is expecting a little boy the end of this summer.



Pattern: Get Ziggy by Anny Purls
Yarn: Rowan All Seasons Cotton; #231 Bark
Needles: Addi 24″ US 8
Measurements: 6 month size
Started: June 2008
Finished: July 4, 2009
Other Details: It has been too long since I finished knitting this – I don’t remember if I changed anything. I don’t think I did :-)

And, this Tuesday, July 7th, I will be having a FREE SHIPPING day over at Sunshine Yarns. A rainbow-ey amount of colors will be making their way into the store. Stop by and say hello!

Sneak Peek Silks