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Celebrate Spring Sock Pattern

I have some exciting news – a new sock pattern using Sunshine Yarns! The pattern is called Celebrate Spring and it is by the amazing Ann Budd (yes, the Ann Budd). A couple of months ago, a local little yarn/ice cream store, Purl Knit Cafe, started carrying my yarns. Kim, the owner, is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Anyways, Ann teaches classes there and offered to do a pattern with my yarns. I didn’t even realize she lived in Boulder until I moved back here!

Kim, and Ann, have graciously allowed me to post the pattern here on my blog. I have a link below for the full pattern download, but for now, a few pictures!


The pattern uses one skein of Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock. The sock is knit on the tighter side, with 9 sts/1″ on a US0. The good news is that you could also use the Twist or the Soft sock yarn bases if you want with this gauge! I am updating the store tomorrow (March 24th at 11am) with lots of Classic sock overdyes, a new Sportweight collection set for all those heels and toes, and a new Spring Color Collection Set!

The full pattern can be seen here.

And, a few pictures of the uber cute store here in Boulder. If you are in the area, you should stop by for a wonderful selection of yarn and some ice cream!


Have a great week everyone!

Keeping Up

I squeezed in a little more spinning this week. I managed to get a 3.7 ounce braid of merino/silk spun up pretty quickly. The roving is from Pigeonroof Studios in the Honeybee colorway. Its an 80% merino/20% silk that has a nice little sheen to it (but was really hard to draft).

Pigeonroof Studios Honeybee Handspun

I ended up with about 238 yards of a heavy sportweight yarn. This should make a nice cowl; or mittens!

In other crafty news, I am planning on diving into the world of sewing later this month. I’m hoping to start a class here when the next round of Basic Sewing starts up again. For my birthday, my quilter mom gathered together all the necessities. I seem to also have started a fabric stash along the way as well!


Have a great weekend!

I Think I’m Improving

My spinning skills are finally starting to shape up. Those little thick and thin sections are getting less noticeable and my joins aren’t as horrendous as they used to be.

Cloudlover handspun Mosaic

I finished this handspun last week, and I love it! Its the Maison Moderne colorway from Cloudlover69. She has some pretty colorways that I just couldn’t resist. The roving was 4 ounces of a 50% merino/50% bamboo blend. I ended up with exactly 400 yards of heavy fingering weight yarn. Now, what to knit?! (I can see my future bin of handspun yarn piling up pretty high in the near future if I keep this up)

And, I finally have some knitting mojo! I am at the gusset on both of Scott’s socks (I’m working the socks at the same time on different magic loop needles) and have started a fun, colorful new project.


Any guesses?!

February Reading

In February, I started and finished these books:

February Books
1. Blue Highways, by William Least Heat Moon
2. A Walk In the Woods, by Bill Bryson
3. The Future of Ice, by Gretel Ehrlich
4. A Short History of Nearly Everything, by Bill Bryson

Not as strong as January’s seven books, but the month was short and life got busy. These were all very good non-fiction reads (can you tell that I heart non-fiction?). My favorite out of the above books was probably Walk in the Woods, by Bill Bryson. You’ve probably heard of him and his witty writing style. He was able to liven up a book about, well pretty much everything in the final book of the month (which I highly recommend if you have any interest in science).

What am I reading now? Well, I’ve been slowly making it through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. This is a fabulous book, but one that I’ve needed to read slowly and carefully. This book will really change your life, and how you look at food. Kingsolver demonstrates the importance of buying local, organic foods to help sustain small farms, and the environment. I’ll save the review for Goodreads, but I really think everyone should pick up this book (it has fabulous recipes in it to boot)!

And, a sneaky little picture for today. I’m going to try to post more sneak peak pictures prior to my Sunshine Yarns Tuesday store updates. For this Tuesday’s post, I have lots and lots or roving, Sunsilk, Silk Lace and sock yarn.


Have a very happy weekend!

From Chicago

Once again, I find myself behind on blogging. I feel like I have so much to share – and, so little time. This past week has been full of dyeing, reading, celebrating (it was my sort of Leap Day birthday), spinning, and seeing some good friends. Tonight in fact, we just got home from the Avalanche/Red Wings game; fun, fun!

Alas, the picture parade has to start somewhere. A few belated things from our Chicago trip:


On Saturday morning, we walked around the city. It was frigid and windy, but I finally got a chance to wear some handknits! If you ever need to search for winter during the winter, Chicago is a good place to start. We had a great time overall, we even had a chance to have a wonderful dinner at Frontera Grill. It’s hard to find restaurants that serve local, sustainable and healthy food. Major, major kudos to Rick!

And, a few snapshots from the wedding….. the happy couple and Scott with some of his high school buddies!


We also ended up making it to Loopy Yarns again this visit. They are now in a new, much more fabulous location. Since I’ve been in my knitting funk, I didn’t bring any knitting with me on the trip (just books). So, when I saw some yummy colored Cascade sock yarn, I knew I had to cast on immediately. I left with a centre-pull ball and a new Addi 32″ US1 needle (cause you can’t ever have enough sock needles, or sock yarn for that matter).


Voila! Some new socks for Scott are underway.