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Blue Ice

The last two days we’ve been doing some work and some exploring around Anchorage. The weather has been a bit spotty, but we still managed to drive down the peninsula to the Portage Valley. It was crazy windy and drizzling, but seeing all the blue ice made it worth it!

We went hardcore last night for dinner and ate at Simon and Seafort’s. We couldn’t come to Alaska and not have some king crab legs! We have been eating lots of seafood, but this was really nop notch. I’m still full this morning :)

Everything From Fruit to Tires

If you are wondering about the title of this post, go listen to Glen Phillips Fred Meyers song! He is one of our favorite musicians and we were lucky enough to see him play here in Anchorage on Saturday night… If you have heard of Toad the Wet Sprocket, well, he was the singer for them and has since gone solo.

Some pictures from our trip up to Denali (aka Mt. McKinley):

And, views from our room:

The weather has actually been fairly rock’in so far up here in Anchorage. I was expecting the worst since it had originally said rain/snow every day on the weather channel. They still haven’t changed the forecast, so I’ve just come to the conclusion that they leave it on that every day just in case :) We have had partly cloudy skies in the 30s – I can’t complain! My favorite part about traveling this time of year is that you have no crowds. I would expect that the scenic area we stopped at would be full of RV’s, but we were the only ones there. So. Frickin. Amazing.

P.S. Don’t worry mom, I’m not broke from buying Qiviuk. I snatched up some of this instead!

Yarn Away

Before we left Juneau, I saw yarn,

some crazy, crazy, soft yarn,

And, landing in Anchorage….

Alaska Time

Scott wanted to call this first Alaska post, “I Don’t Know, Juneau?!”. He’s such a dork, a cute dork! Our first day in Alaska at the Mendenhall Glacier…

Snapshot of Rhinebeck

Wow! What a weekend :) I think my mind was racing in total overload all weekend after seeing so much and meeting so many of you! I came home with some yarn from Morehouse, two cashmere scarves and two bags of maple cotton candy.. that’s it! I really wish I took more than a few pictures, but my camera was always just out of reach.

I truely had a great time talking to all the bloggers and Sunshine Yarns customers that I had a chance to meet. Thank you for introducing yourselves and your friends.. it really made my weekend!

I have some new knitting to show, but will not be posting it most likely until I return from my upcoming trip to Alaska! We leave tomorrow and get home the end of next week :) I’ll be posting some, hopefully, gorgeous pictures, so stay tuned!