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Gifty Goods

I decided fairly early on this year that I was going to do no, or very little, holiday gift knitting. Between all the babies being born, the yarn dyeing, the store, and the wedding planning, I figured I just wouldn’t have time. Alas, I started feeling like I needed to knit somebody something for the holidays!

Out of all people, I picked my dad (who is probably the most simplistic man alive). He is impossible to buy gifts for and rarely ever needs anything. He works for himself and does remodeling. He always wears these old beanie ribbed hats in the winter.. hmm, why didn’t I think of this before?! His favorite color is blue, and the Royal Tweed I had in my stash was just perfect. It looks a little funky off the head due to the fold over rib, but Scott and I both decided that it fits and looks good on.

Part of my reason for the lack of handknitted gifts, is that I can’t seem to collect my thoughts and figure out what I would want to knit for my family and friends. Using up more stash yarn and the One Skein book, I busted out these not quite felted yet bowls. The great thing was, Scott also helped (he knit about half of the largest bowl)! After felting pictures will be coming soon…

And lastly, check out these amazing wristwarmers!! Suzanne has been making wristwarmers and some other cool knitted items and selling them in her esty store, Knithappens. She is a great customer of mine and had made these brown and orange ones out of my NSS colorways. How could I resist?! She also has a pair up there right now made out of the Raspberry Limeade colorway. Go check out her store or just say hello!

The Important Things

On Thanksgiving and around the holidays in general, I try to reflect on the good people, the good days, the good things in life. We recently found out that my best friend’s sister has Hodgkins Disease and it has really made me think and put my problems and frustrations into perspective. I got so annoyed the other day because someone almost hit my car, then screamed at me… I had to clean the house, and work.. yada, yada. Who was I to think that my life is so bad?! I am so thankful that I am healthy.. I have money for the necessary expenses, a roof over my head, loving friends and family, a wonderful future husband. So, this holiday season, keep the important things in mind and know that the traffic jam in front of you isn’t the worst thing in the world (though in Boston we think that sometimes it can be). Smile.

I made the Shedir hat from Knitty to help A- get through the radiation and chemo. I think it turned out great!

Pattern: Shedir from Knitty
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in a pale blue
Measurements: To fit a woman’s head
Started: November 15, 2006
Finished: November 20, 2006
Other Details: I loved all the pretty little cables and will be knitting this again in the future for sure.

One Planet!

A new online knitting store opened up a few days ago! Its called One Planet Yarn and Fiber. Of course you can find Sunshine Yarns there as well! So, go check it out and support Lis and her fantastic store :) My yarn is under the Indie Worldwide section, or you can just click here!

In terms of knitting.. I will have more to post tomorrow or Wednesday….. BUT…BUT..I have something even better for today:

Remember this??

Well, it’s done!

I haven’t had a chance to get a picture of it on me yet, but it fits great! Scott finished his first knitting project and it is so perfect. He is a natural and had nice tension and no holes at the top once the double pointed needles went into effect. I am very impressed!


I’ve been a busy secret knitting bee (or should I say frog) these past few weeks. I knit this cute little Dale of Norway sweater for my good friend Johanna, who is having a baby next month! This was such a fun knit, especially since I got a chance to put my embroidery skills to work! I can’t wait to meet the little tadpole!!

Pattern: Frog Raglan Pullover and Socks from Dale of Norway Baby Designs Number 164
Yarn: Baby Ull in various colors
Measurements: 3-6 month size
Started: October 22, 2006
Finished: November 11, 2006
Other Details: This project was a blast! All the details were done at the end, but for some reason I just really enjoyed it! Maybe because I knew it was being knit for a very special baby :)

Double Knitting

Today, etsy is launching its new v2. There will be a shopping cart system up and running as well as many other updates! I have a bunch of yarn going up at 11am EST tomorrow, November 14th, so go check it out! Think.. Desert Rose, Festival of Lights, Farmhouse.. Gryffindor, Gryffindor, Gryffindor!

Johanna will be happy to hear that I started my Double Knit-Along hat yesterday at Knitsmiths! Kris helped me figure out how to get going, and then I was off on my own! I have already made a few mistakes and was able to correct all of them except for one. Luckily, its right by my tails from the cast-on so I can do a little doctoring once I’m finished :)

Now, I need to find a charted pattern and figure out how that works!