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What I Did (Dyed) This Week

I finally sat down this week and dyed something for myself! Yes, finally! All these months of dyeing, and never did I once say, “I need to create something special for myself”.. but, here it is:

10 different shades of green, 10 mini-stripes… I give you IRELAND :)

I think I’ll start knitting these once I finish up my sockpal socks. Now, I just need to get to Ireland to see if the colors fit. May 20th, can’t wait!

In other dyeing news, I did a few new colorways this week in addition to the 60 or so other skeins that are all now on their way to their new homes. Here is Rockstar (thanks for the name Alison) and Black Olive (this one is for you Paula!).

And last but not least, a big thanks goes out to Raquel for sending me a HUGE Bath and Body Works bag. I have such great customers! She sent me this bag to carry all my packages in :)


No More Bathtub

I am loving these nice sunny, breezy days! The yarn is drying in a few hours rather than the few days it took all winter in my bathroom. Scott loves the fact that everytime he goes to take a shower, he doesn’t have to shuffle yarn around for 15 minutes first :) I always have loved Spring, but this kicker just makes it even better!

Here is the first rinsed batch outside drying. These and some others are going to be posted tonight (April 18th) between 5:30 and 7:30pm. I have lots of Taos, Raspberry Limeade, Blacksmith, Neapolitan and Shamrock showing here:

In knitting news, I started a new project on Friday! I was hoping this was going to be quick, but it looks like this new Kiko yarn is being difficult. Its a mostly cotton yarn with all these little twists and kinks in it (Kiko is so the perfect name for this yarn). Therefore, the knitting is slow.. I am just about done with the back and its taken me probably 10 hours of knitting time. Owell, hopefully I can devote a good chunk of time again this week and get cracking on the front!


Ready, Set…

Scott and I have both been working hard these past few months and decided it was time for a vacation. So, on May 20th, we are heading here for two weeks:

Any guesses? No?! Well, maybe this will help:

I am so excited, you have no idea! We really wanted to go while in college, but lets face it, we couldn’t afford it. So, for two weeks, we’ll be exploring Ireland by car, bike and foot. Oh, and, look at all the sheep (aka. yarn)!



Another big bag(s) is joining me on my errands today since 50 skeins sold in about 15 minutes yesterday over at Sunshine Yarns! Phew! You people know how to shop! Thank you everyone for your support and wonderful comments. I got so many amazing emails, it really makes the whole experience even more rewarding on my end. And here are the bags once again (you can see where I shop too!):

I also got lots of emails yesterday asking where the inspiration comes from. Like most other amazing yarn dyers out there, much of my inspiration comes from nature. I am a big outdoors person… I think I would be a permanent camper/traveler/hiker if I didn’t have work, bills, etc. Growing up in Colorado made it easy to become inspired by the beautiful things around me. I learned to appreciate it all from a very early age and believe that nature itself formed who I am today (environmental scientist/yarn-crazed-dyer/knitter). Here is just a snapshot of what I see in a few of my colorways:

So, take a stroll outside today and see what inspires you… afterall, its Spring and a gorgeous day here in Boston!



I need to get crack’in on my sock pal socks. Last weekend I dyed up some yarn for her in lovely pinks and lime greens. This is one of the only times you will ever see me knitting with pink, so enjoy it while it lasts! I originally started out with the Falling Leaves pattern, but then switched to the Embossed Leaves from Winter IK after having some sizing issues. These are perfect! My only concern is that the cuff is going to be too tight for her…. they stretch out right?!?