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Where Am I?

Scott and I are away from Boston this weekend and are back in a great place visiting great friends. Taryn and Jay just bought their first home– so we are so excited for them! The trip so far has been fun and relaxing, and I’ve been getting some knitting done! I’ll update you more on that when I return early in the week :) I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Can anyone guess where we are?!


New and Old

Sign-up’s are today! Go find out more on Alison’s blog! I just can’t wait to start knitting!

I was getting bored with the few projects I am currently working on, so I decided that something with a chart was just what I needed. So, what was the medicine? The Backyard Leaves Scarf from Scarf Style. I’m 5 repeats through the first half and am really loving it so far. I made one mistake, one mistake! But, I am leaving it. No frogg’in for me today :) Doesn’t this shade of green remind you of Spring?!

I also (finally) picked up Scott’s cardigan and started working on that again. I had left off a few months ago (due to holiday knitting) with a half a sleeve done. I’ve only done a few more repeats since I wasn’t happy with how the sleeve was looking. The problem – its a 4×4 rib and the last knit stitch was looking all huge and ugly before the first purl stitch. The solution – After Johanna took a look at it, we decided to leave it and not frog (hmm, a frog suggests NOT to frog…). The only real solution is to not knit it in the round and seam it up at the end (uh, no thank you)!

Maybe I can keep my promise to Scott and get it done by the end of January? I highly doubt it… Maybe it will be ready by V-Day?!


New Toys

I bought a new toy the other day that is going to save me lots of time… yes, I now own a swift (and will be buying a ball winder today)! Look at it, basking in the morning sunlight!

The swift is what I really need with Sunshine Yarns picking up more and more speed each week. After the yarn is dry, I re-skein the yarn with a Niddy Noddy in order to more accurately represent what the yarn will look like knit up. Here is Costa Rica in its original state, and after being re-skeined.

As most of you can figure out, certain companies re-skein their yarn, and some don’t. For example, Lorna’s Laces does not re-skein, but Koigu does. The swift is going to replace the two chairs I’ve been using all this time (and will save me about 10 minutes on each skein.. that’s hours of work a week!). So, you ask, why did I not get a swift sooner?! Well, I tried out the wooden kind and that just did not work well at all (too much tension). I just assumed that the metal would be just as bad. Owell, I learned my lesson. Here are all the pretty new skeins I did in about an hour and a half yesterday morning!

So, what’s next?! Well, today I am going to bring home a ball winder… and then in a few weeks I might be getting a very high-tech meter reader! You’ll have to wait to see what that is going to be used for :)


More Sock Love

Some of you may not believe this, but I finally (yes finally) knit myself a pair of socks using my own handpainted yarn! I got super jealous of Scott’s new socks the other day and just had to have a pair for myself. So, I dug out 1 skein of the Amazon worsted colorway and went to town while watching the Broncos kick ass (that was for you Johanna!). I knit one sock that night, and one sock yesterday. Voila! A comfy, and quick, pair of socks!

Pretty lighting…

And some normal lighting….

Pattern: The Winter Sock from the Magic Loop Pamphlet
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns in the Amazon worsted colorway
Measurements: Made to fit a women’s US 8.5
Started: January 14, 2006
Finished: January 15, 2006
Other Details: I knit these using the Magic Loop Method on size US 5 needles. I did a 7″ leg and 7″ before the toe decrease. I had about 5 yards of yarn leftover, which cut it pretty close!

Last week I also started the legwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. It took a few tries to find the right yarn to match my Kidsilk Haze, but I finally managed! Here is what I have so far in the perfect shade of blue:

I also forgot to post about the second Misti Chunky scarf I was making for the store. I never took a picture when it was all done, so you’ll have to just live with an in progress shot. It is such a nice yarn to use, and definitely on my top five list of all-time favorites!

Pattern: Misti Alpaca Chunky Diagonal Rib Knit Scarf
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky in color #1321, denim
Measurements: About 5.5″ wide and 80″ long
Started: January 2, 2006
Finished: January 7, 2006
Other Details: I knit this on US10.5 rather than US11’s since it came out to loose on 11’s. It does stretch out very easily, so make it wider than what you really want in the end.


The Real Grouch

Scott and I were walking past the yarn store and of course we had to stop in. He saw this yarn still in the box, and immediately asked for socks! How could I resist!? Eleven days later I present, Oscar the Grouch Socks….

And why Oscar the Grouch? Well, the colors definitely reminded me of Oscar. But, it goes a bit further than that… For those of you who know Scott, you probably are laughing right now! He tends to be a bit negative and grouchy sometimes. He also loved Oscar the Grouch when he was little. So, here is the real grouch and my grouch trying to compare.

The real grouch….

My grouch modeling his socks… How funny is the second picture?! If you have a minute, blow that one up :)

Pattern: The Winter Sock from the Magic Loop Pamphlet
Yarn: ArtYarns Supermerino #131
Measurements: Made to fit a man’s US 10.5, wide foot.
Started: January 3, 2006
Finished: January 14, 2006
Other Details: I knit these using the Magic Loop Method on size US 5 needles. They were super quick!