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A Teaser

Just to keep you interested, here are a few teaser pictures for today :)! I’m getting there, and soon enough I will be able to try this Lace Camisole on and see if it fits! Keep your fingers crossed for me…

And here is one of the special order Watermelon skeins I dyed yesterday. I used Henry’s Attic Kona superwash yarn and it has such a nice sheen to it…



I love making up words, hence the title of my post.. but, I just couldn’t resist because I made a bunch of notecards yesterday and they were very “sunshiney”. I bought this great new stamp and some coloring pens and “got creative”. There are five different sayings I came up with, but my favorite is: purl the day away. Johanna seemed to like that one too :) Go check out the gorgeous sweater she is making and say hello!

I did some more dyeing the last few days including the custom order, Green Bay Packers yarn. I was happy with how it came out, though I still can’t seem to get a really rich dark forest green. I think this green is perfect for the Packers though :)

I did realize that a few of the dyeing issues I have been having off and on are due to the Knitpicks yarn I use. I did another custom order with a special request yarn.. Henry’s Attic Kona superwash fingering weight yarn. Oh man, I wish it were economical for me to use this yarn all the time. It was 580 yds of pure beauty and held the colors perfectly! I will be using this yarn in the future if I actually dye up some sock yarn for myself. Speaking of which, I wonder if my dad would wear Broncos socks?! I can get the yarn for about $11 per skein, but you have enough for two pairs of socks.. Unfortunately, that would cost about $30 dollars to sell, and though it looks like a lot of money, at least you have way more yarn (and its superwash to boot). So, if anyone is interested in this, I am totally willing to custom order with this in the future since it was a pure pleasure to work with.

And last but not least, the camisole is getting there as I am finally at the armholes! I should finish this week, so come back this weekend and check out some FO’s!


More Dyeing Nonsense

Once Etsy is back online again (they are currently doing maintenance) I will be posting these new variegated yarns that I dyed this week! I am really happy with how they all came out (even though I don’t like pink). So, go stop by Sunshine Yarns and take a look around!

UPDATE: Etsy is finally back online after two days of maintenance. I just listed these new items, so now you can go check them out :) (Sun, 11:00 am)

The colors below are: Secret Garden, Mountain Rose, Blue Lake, Sweet Dreams, and Amazon. They are all variegated with three to five colors and were a blast to make. I wanted to do more experimental dyeing this weekend, but I have all these custom orders to keep me busy. After those are done, I am out of luck with dyeing more sock yarn for a week or two since Knit Picks is out of stock on the color your own yarn. Ouch! I guess I need to order more at a time. So, until I receive my order the beginning of October, I am going to be doing some of their worsted weight yarns. So, stay tuned for that!

I Do Actually Knit

Yes, there has been a bit of knitting progress the past few days! I have managed to finish up three little preemie pumpkin hats for the Preemie Project and one bootie so far. For reference, the smallest hat is only 8.5 inches around and 4 inches high. The small bootie I made today is only 2 inches from heel to toe. I am hoping to do matching booties for all three sets before I send this out to Laura at the end of the month.

I’ve also been making good progress on the Lace Camisole and really want to finish that up in the next week or so as well. I am over halfway through the body and just don’t want to bore you with blah pictures. :-)

What I did alot of the past few days is dye more yarn to restock the store. I have a bunch of custom orders that I am going to be working on the next week or two as well. But, I wanted to try out variegated hand-painting rather than striping since I am getting sick of hand-winding these long skeins.. and I just was curious to see how they came out! And behold, I have some beautiful new yarn to add to the store probably tomorrow and Friday (I need to let the yarn dry so I can take pictures), but, here are a few that are already finished…. The dusky light doesn’t really do justice so I’ll be taking more pictures when they are all finished.

A Tag

“Hold my head, inside your hands. I need someone, who understands. I need someone, someone who cares, for you I’ve waited all these years. For you I’ll wait, ’till kingdom come, until my days , my days are done. And say you’ll come, and set me free, just say you’ll wait, you’ll wait for me.” by Coldplay

I was tagged by Dani the other day.. so here it goes.

Ten Years Ago: It was the beginning of high school and I just remember not really knowing exactly who I was or who I wanted to be. Life seemed so dramatic back then between boys, school, friends and trying to find myself. I was growing, I was learning, I was studying music, I was training. I made Junior Nationals for USS swimming and all I wanted to do in life was be a sports doctor and train for the Iron Man.

Five Years Ago: It was my sophomore/junior year of college and after having dealt with alot of hard situations my freshman year, I finally discovered the person I wanted to be. Scott and I had been dating over a year and I remember just being so happy and loving the girls I was living with. I also spent a summmer in the Turks and Caicos which was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. I knew after that that I would always have a career in the environmental field.

One Year Ago: I moved to Boston last summer with Scott to work as an Environmental Scientist for a consulting company. I was eager to start my career and live by some family. A bunch of my friends started getting married and had a great time traveling to all those weddings! We also adopted our kitties almost a year ago at this point! Kali and Soma have grown into the best kitties ever and we love them so much :)

Five Snacks: Fruit (love it, love it… any of it, all of it!); Home-made cookies (I bake way too much because of this addiction); Pretzels (especially the honey whole wheat kind); Starbucks latte’s (tall nonfat extra-hot almond latte to be exact); tortilla chips and salsa.

Five Songs I know all the words to: Pretty much any song by Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Patrick Fitzsimmons and Glen Phillips to name a few.

Five Things I would do with $100 Million: This is too much money for any single person to have, so I would give a bunch to charities and environmental organizations; make sure all my family was well taken care of; get rid of any debt and buy a house outside of Telluride, CO and have lots of horses; travel tons and volunteer all my time.

Five places to run away to: Turks and Caicos (but one of the “other” islands such as Grand Turk); New Zealand (speaks for itself); the Seychelles (is 1000 miles off the coast of Madagascar enough for you?); Fiji (I’ll take that); and/or Bonaire (best scuba diving in the world and a totally environmentally friendly island).

Five Things I would never wear: Any shade of bright pink (not a fan of the color and it looks awful on me); one of the Abercrombie mini-skirts (I have a nice butt and legs, but these just scream look at me); a tube top (the broad shoulders just won’t let this happen); a sequence dress (not in a million years); plain white cotton underwear (I hate cotton underwear, its just so uncomfortable to me).

Five Favorite shows: That 70’s show is the only show I really watch, but you can always find us watching football, hockey, soccer or swimming.

Five Biggest Joys: Scott, Soma and Kali, my family and friends; beautiful scenery (love the mountains, the oceans and the forests); music; visiting home and traveling; making those around you smile.

Five Favorite Toys: My road bike, my violin, all my knitting gear, the computer and my hiking shoes.