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Some Tidbits Before I Go

I put my Niddy Noddy to use last night and now have some beautiful skeins. I love the way the colors show through in a skein. Below is some of the Gryffindor yarn that people ordered this week :)

This week I also started the Lace Camisole from Morehouse Farm. I love the texture of the overspun yarn. Supposedly when you wash it, the lace softens and it fills in some of the space between the stitches! Yum! I am starting out with the medium size, but am going to add in some increases at the waist so that I can fit my um chest, into the top :-)

And like I have said before, I am going to hve a crazy next week. I’m going to dissapear until next Wednesday night. I’ll be doing field work in the White Mountains and am leaving tonight. Then on Thursday and Friday, I will be working my new PT job at my LYS! Wish me luck! I am so excited… So, adios everyone!

And another picture to leave you with :) We love our Mexican food :)


The Magic In Blocking

Ok, I promise, no more pictures of this blanket after today, I just had to share a few things. One, thank you all SOOOOO much for all your help on trying to decide if I wanted to do a border or not. As you can see, I decided not to, for lots of reasons, but mostly that I was just happy with how it looked without! Two, following Johanna’s advice, I gave the blanket a bath in the washing machine. Let me tell you, I was a bit scared putting this in the machine… 56 blocks worth of seaming… um yeah you get the picture. After a short cycle on warm, I took the blanket out and, voila, its soft, the seamed ridges on the back have dissapeared, and the blanket is a few inches bigger! I pinned it down to discovered that a few of the woven in ends have slightly come out of their places, but that is because the blanket stretched out a bit. After some drying and cutting, here is what I ended up with.

So, the final project details:
Pattern: Baby Knits for Beginner’s, by Debbie Bliss
Yarn: Debbie Bliss, Merino Aran in 7 different shades (color numbers 325508, 325101, 325601, 325604, 325102, 325213, and one I can’t find)
Measurements: 19.5 x 21.5 before blocking, 21.5 x 24 after blocking
Started: August 7, 2005
Finished: August 25, 2005
Other Important Details: Wash this in the machine before you block! The difference was amazing!

And look at what came in the mail this morning! A new toy that will help me tons with my dyeing! Diana suggested that I get this Niddy Noddy (how cool of a name is that?!) to help me with winding skeins. I can’t wait to try this out on all the Gryffindor yarn I dyed yesterday.

And last, but not least (I’m always shy about putting up random pictures of myself) Scott and I took the day off today since I am going to be gone from tomorrow afternoon through next Wednesday night… and he is going to be gone from Sunday through Thursday. We figured its supposed to be a gorgeous day, so why not enjoy it! We went for a nice bike ride this morning with our cousin Peter and had a great time. Here we are this morning getting ready to head out. Oh, and as of this weekend, we’ve been dating for 6 years, can you believe that?! Its stinks we’ll both be traveling for work for the next week..

Have a great day everyone! New project pictures to come tomorrow before I leave!


Call Me Crazy

I think I lost it these past few weeks. I don’t know what got into me, but I just kept on kitting and seaming those damn squares! And, in about 2 and a half weeks, I ended up with this…

And of course, Kali couldn’t stay away! She is such a funny kitty. Whenever I am busy, she wants to sit on my head… literally! She climbs on top of me like she is playing king of the mountain. Here you can see, she has to just be the center of attention while I am trying to take some indoor pictures…

So, what to do, what to do. Thanks everyone for your advice, but I am still not sure whether it needs a border or not (you guys were all pretty split too). Here is what I am thinking: 1. I kind of like it like this and have the fear that I won’t like it as much WITH a border, 2. I also am feeling very done with this project and want to move on, 3. I also am knitting this for a co-worker, whom I am somewhat close with, but not very, 4. I can’t find one of the colors I would want to do the border in (either the dark blue, the dark plum, or the off-white) in any of my LYS’s, 5. It still needs a good block (okay, that was random), 6. Umm, okay so still undecided, 7. Call me crazy, but maybe I am just feeling lazy about the border.

Shoot me some thoughts now that you can see the entire blanket. Hugs :)


Sneak Peak

10 more blocks to seam together, thats it! Now the question is, should I add a border around the entire thing?!

Swatch Time

As promised, here is a swatch of the Gryffindor yarn I dyed yesterday. I am really happy with how it came out, even though I was unsure of how wide to make the yellow stripes. I was going for a similar look as the newest HP scarf, the one with the smaller yellow stripes. I also really like the natural variation in the dark red color. I dyed another, longer skein yesterday, meaning that the red sections are going to be slightly bigger and the yellow stripes might be another half a round longer. I already have a few takers on these, but will be dyeing more within the next few days if you are interested. I also have another Grapevine variation, but I still need to wind and knit a swatch of that one first :)

And, look what surprised me in the mail yesterday! Wow! A fantastic little RAOK from Cheryl at Diva Knitting! I love the new notecards and am sure they will come in handy in the near future :). So, thank you Cheryl.. you made my day!

And last but not least, the new pattern and yarn I ordered came in the mail from Morehouse Farm! I can’t wait to start knitting this little camisole since I think it will be great for the early fall. I told myself I can start this once I get the baby blanket done (mind you, I finished all the squares yesterday). So, just some seaming (yeah right, just SOME) and I’ll be having a block party!

Enjoy your Saturday everyone! I am off to celebrate my Uncle’s birthday with some great company and great food as always :)