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Watermelons Galore

Since our trip to Maine didn’t work out, I spent a few hours yesterday playing with dye. I wasn’t happy with how my first try at the watermelon design came out, so I gave it another go. I did two skeins… the first is a “seedless” watermelon since I wrapped up the watermelon color before I could dap some black on there. The second skein (which is the one that is knit up below) has seeds. I am still not happy with how the seeds are coming out, since the black dye is really hard to work with. I think it still is really cool though.

Both of these skeins are for sale. If you are interested, please shoot me an email at [email protected] The yarn is 100% merino and is 440 yards. The recommended needle size is US1-3 and the gauge is 7-8 stitches/inch.

UPDATE: Since so many people emailed me asking about the prices, both the tiger and the watermelon skeins are $20! You can get an adult pair of socks, plus a baby pair out each skein. If you definitely want some, I will be taking orders. Just email me your address and whether you prefer to pay using paypal or a check. Thanks!

This morning I also did another tiger stripe skein. I don’t have pictures yet since it is in the drying process, but it looks something like the one below. If you are interested in purchasing this yarn, please email me once again!

In terms of dying, I am also playing with a few other design ideas. I think a “grape vine” and a “bumblebee” yarn would be cool. Anyhow, hope everyone is having a great Sunday!


An Ode to Lace

“Well some say life will beat you down, break your heart, steal your crown. So I’ve started out, for God knows where, I guess I’ll know when I get there. I’m learning to fly, around the clouds, but what goes up must come down.” -Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne

Needless to say, it was a magical night at Tom Petty. It was almost as if I was dreaming, or maybe that was just the five shot rum and coke talk’in…. I am exhausted today from all the dancing and screaming! If you have not seen Tom Petty, you must.. and I swear to you its worth every penny.

Since Scott and I had the whole day off yesterday, we made use of the gorgeous day by heading to the park! I started knitting my Go With the Flow Socks out of Summer 2005 IK. We had a great time and even got a chance to play some Frisbee! Yes, a Frisbie playing Frisbee, can you imagine that?! This is my favorite park in Boston since you get a great view of the city and have lots of nice grass and trees, not to mention blackberry bushes! Does anyone know what park I am talking about?! If you guess, you get a prize! Oh, and see Scott sitting there on our blanket in the far right side of the pic?!

And, since that picture was from yesterday morning, here is a more up to date picture of my socks. I am just about halfway done with the leg.

Also, my order came in from Knit Picks today! I wanted to see how their new lace yarns stacked up again the Alpaca Cloud (which I LOVE). So, I bought a few skeins in a few different colors (Lost Lake, Sunset and Vineyard) of the new Shadow lace weight yarn that is 100% merino. The colors aren’t very accurate in my pictures (see the Knit Picks site for better color representation). All in all, go with the Alpaca Cloud if you want something super soft! The Shadow yarn is a bit thicker, has nice color accents and comes in great colors, but the Alpaca Cloud is definitely softer due to it being made out of baby alpaca. Personally, I will use both and there are some new colors in the Shadow series that are absolutely gorgeous (great fall colors too).

I also wanted to see what the new Gossamer lace weight yarn looks like, so I ordered four different colors. The yarn is the same, but the Gossamer has the variegated appeal. Okay people, can you say bright colors! Wow! Its really pretty, but I just can’t picture a shawl in the Rose Garden (the red, orange and yellow) colorway. Maybe I just need to see it knit up first. My favorite colorway out of the ones I ordered is Blue Jeans. If you like blue, go for this one!

And last but not least, I ordered some of their new sock yarn called Essential. This stuff is great and comes in, well, essential colors! I will probably use this to make some manly socks for my dad or my Uncle. The colors seen below are Dusk and Cocoa.

Bags and Socks, Socks and Bags

First things first, my cousin Rachel came over to knit with me the other night and look what she is doing!!! She is making a bag made out of recycled plastic bags (okay, I am totally blanking on the official pattern name)! The pattern is from Simple Knits With A Twist, by Erika Knight. I am so proud of her… partly because I taught her how to knit, but also because she has only been knitting since late last year. So, congrats Rachel on almost being done with an awesome project. I will post a picture of the completely finished version soon since you can only see the bag pieces below.

As for my knitting, I finished my Trekking socks today and am super happy with how they turned out! They are really comfortable and colorful and went super quick with the Magic Loop method. A bunch of you have asked me where I bought this yarn… I got it online from The Knitter. This online store is great and is based out of Boulder, CO, so how could I not support my hometown?!

In terms of a pattern, I sort of used the Winter Sock pattern in the Magic Loop pamphlet, but mainly did it on my own. I used size 1US needles, and 64 stitches. The leg part is 7 inches long, the heel is 2.5 and the foot is 6.5 before the toe decreases. Hooray socks!

As for the next few days, I plan on starting the Field of Flowers shawl (I did try to start one already, but got hung up on the crocheted cast on) and some more socks. I am also going to dye some more yarn if I am in town this weekend. We might be heading up to Maine on Saturday morning. Oh, and I am going to see Tom Petty tomorrow night.. how fun!! Have a good Friday and weekend everyone!


HP for HP

Through all the Harry Potter craziness, I’ve been knitting rather than reading. I actually started this scarf the end of May… however, it became lost in the shadows of larger projects. I am knitting this for my 10 year old cousin named HP (yes, how odd and coincidental) which stands for H. Perry (with Perry being his official middle name and what he tends to go by). Anyways, I am really happy with how its turning out. I am using Cascade 220 yarn in a maroon and gold for gryffindor! I am modifying it a bit by making it shorter (probably 10 repeats instead of 14) and 10 stitches narrower to better suit a small 10 year old. And guess what??!! I found a great little project to make with the scrap yarn I have leftover from this project. Check this out if you are reading Harry Potter too! How cute is that?!

Also, I have been trekking away on my Trekking sock #2! I am just about at the heel and hope to finish this by next week to complete the pair. I didn’t even attempt to match up the stripes since there is no pattern and the colors are all random.

Who Are You People?!?!

First things first, who are you people?! And, why have I never found you before?! Yes, I am talking to all you RAOK’ers out there that are spoiling me to death! Why do I deserve such beautiful gifts?! I totally appreciate it and know that I love giving as well… but I never knew there was this huge group with SO much to give. So, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart to all of you who have sent me presents but also to those of you who have just sent me emails and ecards to say hello!

So, with that said, of course I have to show you what came in the mail today from Lizzi! Check out the bag she made… and that hand dyed lace weight yarn!! And, in my favorite colors! She also sent me some beautiful blue ribbon type yarn, some home-made stitch markers and some yummy candy. So, thank you Lizzi… you just made my week :-)

I also need to show you all the coolest bead/sheep I have ever seen! Leah sent me these cute little stitch markers! Aren’t I lucky!?!? So, thank you Leah… I appreciate it and send you and Itty lots of hugs.

And, since this post is already long enough with all my gift babbling, I will wait until tomorrow to show you some knitting progress… Have a good night everyone!