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Tuesday News

First off, check out the Puuurfect Kitty Contest, hosted by Cara, to vote for my little Kali! Soma isn’t up yet, but will probably be in next weeks contest.

The latest addition to my knitting basket is the Azkaban Scarf for all you Harry Potter fans out there. I think this scarf is going to be great for my 10 year old cousin! If you are interested in seeing how this scarf is going to look, check out this blogger who is getting close to being finished (she helped me pick out yarn for mine!). I really like the changes that were made to the scarf for the next few movies. The colors are more deep and the striping is toned down a bit.

In other news, I attempted to bike on Memorial Day, but got a flat tire and then didn’t have enough time to go. I did, however, sport these new socks yestuday! Thanks to Claudia for posting the link to Team Estrogen and these great cycling sheep socks!


Memorial Day News

As promised, here is what I purchased on Saturday at MSWF (a few things I can’t post, due to the whole SP5 stealth-like situation). The yarn below was my favorite thing I found and is the softest Alpaca EVER! Its by Colour Spectrum Yarns (never heard of them before) and this huge skein is a 600 yd. sport weight yarn in Stormy Skies. I fell in love with it at first site and am going to make something wonderful for either Scott or I with this. I was actually shocked too at how cheap it was and wished they had more than the natural colors available. Wouldn’t this look awesome in various shades of blues or greens?!I also bought some Maple Sugar, some incredible honey and some hand salve stuff that is supposedly great for knitters.

As far as the knitting, I have been working on the Hourglass sweater and am pretty far already (I am getting close to the first increase). I worked up a lot of this in the car on our way out to Cummington and while we were watching a movie last night. I screwed up the first decrease row…I forgot to do the decrease at the half-way marker, so if you look really closely, you can see a double decrease on the one side. I didn’t actually realize I did this until 10 rounds later, so there was no going back for me. I figure that since this is my first sweater, I am allowed to make mistakes!

In other news, I am super excited about SP5! I can’t wait to send out a present for my secret pal… but am also super curious to find out who has me! I know, I know… I got a long way to go for that one! Oh, and I FINALLY posted my Amazon Wish List on my blog under Favorite Links just in case anyone is curious! Hope everyone is having a relaxing and beautiful Memorial day weekend.


All Smiles

I had an incredible day today… and a long one! After our emissions test (yes, I am now an official registered Massachusetts driver… but am sad that I had to get rid of my CO plates) we were off to Cummington, MA for the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair. It was an incredible sight as you can see below and I was totally blown away by all the fabulous yarns, spinning supplies, general knititng supplies and the animals! The sheep were all super cute and even posed for a few pictures. There were lots of vendors, not as many as I was expecting, but enough to keep me busy for a few hours. Believe it or not, I only walked away with a few purchases (pictures are coming tomorrow).

After the fair, Scott and I headed into Northampton, MA and then to our hiking location near Mt. Tom. We did a short 3-4 mile, fairly easy hike, which was nice since I think we were so sick of all the rain and were just so happy to be outside! We headed back to Boston tonight and just gorged on some sushi… So, all in all, a great day! And to make it even better, I still have two days off of work!

Froggy Day

I started this sock last night and this is what I ended up with… Could it be a wristband??? Tempting, but no. After a brief frogging episode, I ended up with a lovely pile of yarn and the same Trekking Yarn I started with. I was obsessed with this yarn, when I saw a few other people using it, but am not as happy with how it knits up in terms of the colorway. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors, I just don’t like the twist as much as I though I was going to.

The reason why I frogged this was that the cast on edge was way to loose. I used size 1US for this, but am going to try casting on with a 1 and moving to a 2 to keep it a bit more even overall. I highly recommend The Knitter for Trekking and other nice yarns. They have free shipping and have super nice customer service. I emailed back and forth with Judy about yarn, stock and, of course, Boulder since that is where they are based and that is where I am from!

I have an exciting day tomorrow… I am venturing out to the the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair! Check out this for more information!

A New Day

Last night I finally swatched and casted on for my hourglass sweater! I have been putting it off the last week or so until I finished a few other projects. My swatch came out a bit short at 3.8in x 4.0in. All in all, I figured out that by doing the 41 inch size, I would end up with a size just shy of 39. This is totally fine by me, because I probably don’t need the full 41 inch size. I figure that if I do need that extra inch or two, I can fix that with some blocking. So, I think I have the sizing problem solved and am going to be making a new and improved sweater that (achem, hopefully) fits me well. I am still a bit nervous about it being too big around the waist, but I defintely don’t want something too tight either. More news to come on this one!

In other news, I finished my first pair of baby booties for the Preemie Project over the weekend. They were super easy, though I did make a mistake in my first one (it turned into a kitty toy). I am working on a matching hat too! I hope to make at least a few sets of these in various colors over the next month or so..

P.S. Sorry about the not so good windowsill pictures, but if any of you are in Boston, you know what I am talking about. There is no way in hell I am stepping outside in the freezing cold, wind, and rain to take knitting pictures. It would all blow away! Poor tomato plants out back…