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Water, Sun, Compost and Love

I am so amazed at our garden. Everytime I see it, I think, “how was it so easy to grow all this amazing, organic food?!” I wish we had the space to do this in previous years. Kick, kick, kick. I know this isn’t rocket science, but we have had so much fun learning about our plants, how things grow in our Colorado climate and local tips and tricks. We go to our local farmers market every Saturday and always bring questions, “Do our squash have enough room?”, “Do our lemon cucumbers need support?”, “What natural remedy do you use for flea beetles?”

Here is where we started back in mid/end of April. We put our lettuce and spinach in the ground and planted our chard:

April 30th Garden

When we returned from our camping trip in mid-May, we planted the: beets, cilantro, yellow zuchini, basil, tomato plants, lemon cucumbers, carrots and winter squash. Most of the plants we have are organic, heirloom varieties and were planted with a small mound of compost. Here is the garden the end of May:

May 28th Garden

Most of our veggies started to sprout and grow pretty quickly. We bought lots of our seeds from Abbondanza Organic Seeds and Produce. The one plant that just makes me happy every day is chard. This is truely the plant that keeps on giving.

Late June, the garden turned into this:

June 24th Garden

We put down some plastic cover to keep the clover from invading. At this point, everything was exploding in the garden. We had our first tomato the end of June and finally had to pull the spinach on the 27th. I couldn’t figure out why the spinach suddenly got so tall and was making mini-me leaves. It was bolting, yes :)

We don’t have an entire garden picture from today, but we have lots of other beautiful pictures. Everything is starting to come together. New plants in, old plants out, thinning, weeding, waiting, eating – its all good in my book! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!

July 9th Garden
True Gold Zuchini Flower
Baby Purple Dragon Carrots
San Marzano Romas

Lots and Lots

I have so much to say! Hello everyone; how are you?! Sunshine Yarns has been so, super busy these last two weeks. We have tons of new, wonderful customers, lots of fun KAL’s going on in our Sunshine Yarnies Ravelry group, and some new yarns and rovings. Go see the main page, doesn’t it look more fun to you? With all this action going on, I’ve been dyeing and dyeing and doing lots of updates. Its all so much fun, so I can’t really complain. We have still been able to run, hike, bike, ski and well, do a little bit of knitting :)

I finished this a few weeks ago, but it took me a while to redo the neckline and block (oh, and add buttons). To me, those little details can sometimes take a lifetime – you know? So, I present to you, Amelia’s newest little dress (that will be heading her way shortly) —

Vine Flower Dress
Vine Flower Closeup

Pattern: Vine Flower Dress by the amazingly talented Anne Hanson
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns Merino Worsted in Aqua; 2 skeins
Needles: Addi 16″ US 7
Measurements: 6 month size
Started: April 2, 2009
Finished: April 12, 2009
Other Details: I tore out the neckline and added a button closure on the right shoulder. This way, Amelia’s noggin can keep growing and she can keep wearing this (hopefully from a dress into a shirt). I love this pattern, it so, so pretty!

In other news, we started up a garden this year at my parents house. Since our lives are still unsettled, we don’t quite have a permanent living situation with space. But, my parents do and we jumped on it :) My dad has done a garden here in the past, and gave us the encouraging nudge to take the plunge.

Some seeds

On Earth Day, (since that was just the perfect day, right?!), we finished tilling the garden plot and working the soil. We went to the farmers market and picked up a handful of wonderful organic, heirloom seeds and plants. We also picked up lots of tricks of the trade. Where I see myself in 10 years – dyeing yarn and having a nice little ranch house on about 10 acres. Garden, animals, kids running around with chickens; you get thie picture!

And then I can say, this is where the gardening part began:

Planting Chard

I planted chard seeds today! A few days ago we put small little spinach plants and speckled leaf lettuce into the ground. Here is Scott in front of our garden plot (the small fencing is because of the bunny named Laurel who lives under the porch):

Scott with the Garden

Hopefully when I show this garden in the middle of the summer, it will be all green behind Scott and full of colorful vegetables! Have a great night.