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Little Piece

I still need to picture a few of the roving samples I started with on my new wheel, but for now, here is a little sample of some Sunshine Yarns superwash roving all spun up–

I dyed up six roving colorways last week, and ended up having some end pieces for me to play with. This was my least favorite colorway, but I wanted to see how it spun. I was really happy with the softness and the smoothness – I hope others are happy as well! Yes, there will be some Sunshine Yarns roving in the store probably in a couple of weeks – fun times…

My New Toy

This came in the mail last week – ain’t she pretty?!

Yes, its my brand, spank’in new Original Lendrum Spinning Wheel, with a double treadle and a heck of a smooth spin! I spent last Tuesday night outside, spinning away on some little roving samples. Boy, its pretty weird getting used to a new wheel! I felt like I was starting all over again for a bit – but now I think I’m getting the swing of things again. I’m still not happy with what I’m spinning, but I know that I just need to give it some time.

Speaking of time, sorry for the lack of knitting around these parts! I’ve been a dyeing machine lately and have been updating the store every Tuesday these past few weeks. I updated today, with loads of new variegated colorways, some striping and mini skeins, so go check it out if you haven’t already!

Latest Spin

I returned my rented wheel last week to Iron Horse Farm. It was sad – but lucky for me, I’ll be moving to the home of Schacht and Shuttles, Spindles and Skeins. Wheels and spinning accessories will be plentiful, I am sure!

My latest spinning project that was gifted to my cousin last night –

There is approximately 150 meters of DK/worsted weight BFL yarn. I still think I am underestimating yardage for some reason, but I measured my niddy noddy and its a touch over 5 meters (which is what I thought it was). I spun this from 4.1 oz of Freckle Face Fibers BFL roving in the Garland colorway. She has some beautiful stuff in her shop; lots of rich jewel tones that turn into squishy yumminess!

I’m getting better. I remembered to take some pictures of the fiber!

This is my last post before the move on Wednesday! I’m literally sitting her dripping wet, taking a break from running boxes down the stairs. Thanks for all the well wishes… I’ll catch you all on the mountain-side!

My Spinning Story

Okay, back to the spinning! So, the quicky story is basically this: I bought some handspun sock yarn from Julie on Ravelry and decided I just had to learn. I had heard about Iron Horse Farm in Sherborn, MA from another friend, and called them up. A week later I had a rented wheel and my very first private lesson with Debbie. Seriously people, I don’t have time to teach myself these days, but Debbie, she can do the trick in under an hour! She is just so sweet and was so easy to learn from. Plus, her and her husband own and operate the cutest little farm there is – and, get this, they have the best fresh eggs! If you are around the Boston area, I highly recommend stopping by (they are about 30 minutes west of Boston).

As promised, here are some pictures of my first handspun –

The first skein pictured is what I learned on. I am not sure how knittable it is; it will probably just live in the closet with my first knitting project. They can become friends :) I was playing with the twist, thickness, tension, etc. which is why it is so, all over the place, crazy looking. I still love it! I used 4 oz. of merino top in sage from Iron Horse Farm.

Below is my first real handspun. I had become a bit more comfortable with tension and technique and tried to produce an even, single strand. I’ve already noticed how I tend towards spinning very thin single plys. This makes sense to me, since I love knitting with thinner yarns. I used 4 oz. of merino top in a marbled ivy green colorway from Iron Horse Farm. I think that this skein is about 166 meters of sport/dk weight yarn.

This final handspun was started and finished in just a few hours. After a week of spinning up single plys, I went back to Debbie for a quick lesson in plying. I bought this crazy soft polwarth/angora roving in the cotton candy colorway and just knew it wanted to be something fun and chunky. This is about 66 meters of bulky weight yarn.

The whole process I’ve gone through these past two weeks is just so very cool in my mind. I just love learning new things, and was so happy I had the chance to meet and learn from Debbie. One of my favorite aspects of spinning so far, is the attempt to keep an even strand. Debbie insisted that I stop spinning every once in a while, and pull some yarn back off the bobbin. By doing this, you can let it twist on itself and see how tight and thick your spin is. I took Debbie’s suggestion to heart and created this very cool spinning “diary” for myself. Here are my swatches from my first 3 handspun skeins:

What’s next you ask? I’m going to head back to the farm sometime soon to learn how to navajo ply – I can’t wait!


A week and a half ago I learned how to spin – something I never ever thought I would do. Never say never, right?

I’ve since become a spinning machine; its that familiar taste of the unknown, the feeling of not knowing whether you are totally screwing something up, or creating something fabulous. There is no right or wrong way to spin just like knitting; but I am quickly learning that with spinning each to their own. No ones spins the same finished product – which makes it all the more comforting to me. I’m making something different and unique; the feeling that we all should be feeling each and every day. How cool would the world be then?!

I’m currently spinning up some handdyed BFL roving from Yummy Yarn. I’m so amazed at how different the colors look on the roving, and how they look spun up. Spinning blends the colors in just the most amazing way..

There’s more to come tomorrow! I’ll show you my first few finished handspun skeins, and will tell you about the coolest little farm there is….