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My First Sweater Baby, Yeah!

Of course, the best way to celebrate the hottest day of the year so far (we might reach 100 degrees here in Boston today) is to finish a wool sweater! Well, alpaca and silk :). Here is the debut of my first sweater, the Hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I used Knit Picks Andean Silk in Lettuce and size 7 needles. Overall, I am happy with it and can’t be too mad with the fact that its too big. I have large boobs and usually overestimate my size. I think that the second size would have been perfect (but I sort of did an inbetween 2nd and 3rd size)!

The final measurements are: 19.5 inches across bottom, 17 inches waist, 39 inch chest circumference, 24 inches from bottom edge to neckline, 20.5 inches from wrist to underarm.

I also made a few other modifications including an additional inch on the length of the waist area to accomodate the fact that I hate things that are too short. Lesson, should have left as is, it was a bit too long. I also added an extra inch to each sleeve. Lesson, thank god I did! I have long arms and the changes I made came out pefect! Also, what’s with this sweater showing bra lines on everyone!? Mine came out fine… On wait, no, thats because I have those huge broad swimmer shoulders and have no need to worry about that!

Outdoor pictures:

Indoor pictures:

Okay, okay, I know you want to see it on! Well, its not a good picture, but okay. Here is me being totally psycho and putting on a heavy sweater and jeans while its 94 degrees out (look what I do for knitting and my readers… its all about the sacrifices!) Mind you, the odd look on my face is due to the fact that I am about to pass out :)

Walking on Sunshine

Thank you, thank you SP5! You rock! Of course with today being Monday, I was in a sulking mood when I got home from work. Then, I saw a package, and low and behold, I was walking on sunshine! Look at what I got….

She sent me a beautiful card, a new, stylish tape measure, a Little Miss Sunshine book (I used to collect these when I was little), the knitting journal I wanted, and this beautiful, sock yarn by Done Roving in the color “Gulf of Maine”! The colors of this yarn are so me, its unbelievable. Notice the similarity to the yarn I dyed down below!

Speaking of that yarn I dyed over the weekend, here it is! I am calling this colorway “Earth Day” since the colors totally remind me of oceans and forests. This yarn is self-striping, though the stripes are subtle due to the numerous shades of green. I was going to list the recipe for this, but I used way to many packets and flavors of Kool-Aid and I fear that it may bore you all (if you want to know, email me)! This yarn is 100% merino and is somewhere around 400 yards. If you are interested in purchasing this yarn, its going to be listed on ebay tonight!

UPDATE: Due to popular demand, here is the recipe for “Earth Day”. Also note that I originally had 4 colors, which is what I am going to give you… However, one jar cracked and the Mint Green and the Grass green ran together in the pot (I was using the pot water as my 4th color). 5 packets Wild Watermelon Kiwi (green) and 1/3 of a packet Grape.
Sky Blue: 4 Ice Blue Raspberry (blue), 1/3 packet Pina Pineapple (light orange), a few sprinkles of Grape, and 1/3 packet of Lemonade (yellow).
Mint Green: 5 Arctic Green Apple (mint green), few sprinkes of Grape.
Grass Green: 3 Wild Watermelon Kiwi (green), sprinke of Grape, sprinkle of Lemonade, 1/3 packet of Ice Blue Raspberry (blue).

Forest Green:

And last but not least, the almost finished hourglass! I am having issues photographing this sweater and the sun was setting on me tonight… but, there it is! I have done 4 decreases on the yoke and they are taking FOREVER (300 stitches around). At least each decrease knocks off 8 stitches, so it will go alot faster as I go. I am hoping to finish this over the weekend.

Two for Tuesday

This weekend I managed to start on both sleeves for my hourglass sweater. As of now, I am up to the 12.5″ mark on both! I am really happy that I bought a second circular to start the other one, because now when I am done with the sleeves, I am almost there (none of this going back to work the other one crap). On Sunday night, I did have a little “incident” with sleeve #1… I left the sleeve on my bed for about five minutes to run out to the kitchen, and sure enough Soma was on top of it when I returned! Nooo!!! I grabbed the sleeve away to find a few pulls in it! I fixed the pulls as best I could and just sulked a bit. I always tell myself never to leave my knitting out, and it was my fault for leaving it right next to her on the bed. I just wish the act of knitting wasn’t so tempting to kitties sometimes. I swear that they have this internal radar that lets them know the proximity of a new project and the exact GPS location of its existence!

And in more exciting news, I learned how to crochet yesturday! Well, I did learn how to do the basic stitch (or loop?) with yarn, but then I started out on beads. I went from a large crochet hook to a tiny one (size 11/12 if anyone cares) in a matter of minutes. I am still super slow and am trying to get the hang of it, but here it is… the beginnings of a crocheted rope bracelet.

Oh, and since I know some of you have been organizing your yarn stash recently, here are a few pictures of my attempt at organization…The large clear, plastic bin is from The Container Store and is being used to store leftovers and yarn I am not planning on using in a while (this one is now in our “storage closet” in the extra bedroom). The other (achem post office) bin is being used for yarn that I am using or yarn that I plan to use in the near future (and this one is readily accessible). Yes, yes, I am anal, but I found that my yarn was spreading in to all rooms of the house!


Lucky Me

I am in such a good mood right now! Its Friday, I’m home, and I got a beautiful package in the mail from my Bead It Two pal Amy! What a sweetie! She sent me this beautiful package with a card, some mini accents in a sun shape and the coolest stitch markers ever! I love the fact that she personalized the markers by sending me a sun, a sashimi sushi, and two cute kitties that represent Soma and Kali. She even used beads in my favorite color… blue! So, a big hug is heading your way Amy! Thank you, you really made my day :)

And, as promised, here is a picture of the finished body of my hourglass sweater. Its really not that interesting since its still on the needles being set aside. To me, it looks like one big blob because I can’t see the decreased and increased areas all too well. I also had a hard time figured out where to take a decent picture of this thing! Don’t worry, you will see plenty more pictures of this sweater in the next few weeks..

My order from Knit Picks came in yesterday and I am really happy with everything! I can’t show it all since a few things are for my SP5 pal, but here is what I bought for me! I am planning on having a sock dying fest later this weekend with my Color Your Own sock yarn and a Kool Aid packet or two (did I just almost make a Tommy Boy quote!?). I am going to use some of the techniques that were mentioned in Diana’s blog the other day. I also bought some Alpaca Cloud in moss green for Branching Out.

And now that Cara has received her Bead It Two package from me, I can post pictures of my Surprise Project that ended up in her hands yesterday! I made the Soft Drawstring Pouch from Last Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. It was a fairly quick knit and I LOVED the yarn I used, which was Blue Sky Alpaca, Alpaca and Silk. I think I might make a few more of these for presents I make in the future. The one thing I didn’t take pictures of were the stitch markers I made for Cara. One set had these little Earth beads, and the other set had little flower charms. You can check them out at her blog though!

A New Day

Last night I finally swatched and casted on for my hourglass sweater! I have been putting it off the last week or so until I finished a few other projects. My swatch came out a bit short at 3.8in x 4.0in. All in all, I figured out that by doing the 41 inch size, I would end up with a size just shy of 39. This is totally fine by me, because I probably don’t need the full 41 inch size. I figure that if I do need that extra inch or two, I can fix that with some blocking. So, I think I have the sizing problem solved and am going to be making a new and improved sweater that (achem, hopefully) fits me well. I am still a bit nervous about it being too big around the waist, but I defintely don’t want something too tight either. More news to come on this one!

In other news, I finished my first pair of baby booties for the Preemie Project over the weekend. They were super easy, though I did make a mistake in my first one (it turned into a kitty toy). I am working on a matching hat too! I hope to make at least a few sets of these in various colors over the next month or so..

P.S. Sorry about the not so good windowsill pictures, but if any of you are in Boston, you know what I am talking about. There is no way in hell I am stepping outside in the freezing cold, wind, and rain to take knitting pictures. It would all blow away! Poor tomato plants out back…