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HP for HP

Through all the Harry Potter craziness, I’ve been knitting rather than reading. I actually started this scarf the end of May… however, it became lost in the shadows of larger projects. I am knitting this for my 10 year old cousin named HP (yes, how odd and coincidental) which stands for H. Perry (with Perry being his official middle name and what he tends to go by). Anyways, I am really happy with how its turning out. I am using Cascade 220 yarn in a maroon and gold for gryffindor! I am modifying it a bit by making it shorter (probably 10 repeats instead of 14) and 10 stitches narrower to better suit a small 10 year old. And guess what??!! I found a great little project to make with the scrap yarn I have leftover from this project. Check this out if you are reading Harry Potter too! How cute is that?!

Also, I have been trekking away on my Trekking sock #2! I am just about at the heel and hope to finish this by next week to complete the pair. I didn’t even attempt to match up the stripes since there is no pattern and the colors are all random.

Busy Bee, What are You Doing?

The chaos continues tonight as I once again, get absorbed into the wicked ways of an obsessive homemaker. If only you could see me now! In light of Mother’s Day, I needed to start present #2 that is being shipped to Colorado. I am making the Airy Scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts with Rowan Kidsilk Haze in this navy blue color. This is the third time I am starting this due to #1 having added stitches and #2 being attacked by the kittens (I came home to a ball of expensive Rowan yarn wrapped around and around the legs of the dining room table and the scarf nearby with serious injuries). Anyhow, below are pictures of what I have started. This should only take four hours or so according to the book, but we’ll see :).

Like I said, I am a busy bee tonight and am felting, blocking and baking in addition to the above knitting! I have my bag and strap in the wash as we speak (the bag is in for felt round #2), my drop stitch lace scarf on a towel blocking away, a flourless chocolate cake out of the oven and a peanut butter chocolate pie in the making and… I guess thats it if you can imagine that!



My Journey with Koigu Ends

Despite my felting fiasco with my other almost done project, I managed to finish this drop stitch scarf made with Koigu’s Painter’s Palette yarn. I think this is one of my favorite yarns ever… it is so easy to work with, is super beautiful, soft and vibrant… you can make socks, a scarf, a shawl and almost anything else with this wonder of wonders!

The finished dimensions are 5.5 inches wide and 52 inches long without blocking. I haven’t decided if I want or should block this. Has anyone had experience blocking this yarn and do you think its needed? Either way, I think this is going to be a lovely Mother’s Day present. Mom, if you read this sorry to blow it for you!

Also, check out my new lovely herb garden on my front porch! I planted some parsley, basil and tarragon along with a few pansies last weekend and they are sure enjoying the rain today in Boston!



Gearing it up

After I finished my first sock, I thought I wasn’t going to have a ton of modivation to keep up the hardcore knitting. But, as I have discovered, I am a do or die type of person and I am going crazy trying to finish my other few projects. The reason for my psychotic whirlwind is that I ordered two new knitting books from Amazon and I know that as soon as I get those in the mail, new projects will begin (I refuse to let myself have more than four projects going at the same time)! I also am trying to finish this drop-stitch scarf for Mother’s Day. I am just about half way finished and I love how its turning out. I am using Kiogu yarn which is fantastic for this lace scarf. The pattern is super easy:

Knit 6 rows, Next row (row 7) *k1, 2yo* repeat ending with a k1. Next row (row 8) *k1, drop 2yo* repeat ending with a k1. Repeat this 8 row series for as long as you like! I think I cast on 27 stitches to start.