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The Weekend in Pictures

What a wedding weekend that was!! Congrats to Dan (my cousin) and his new wife Kristi who got married on Saturday on Long Island! Scott and I had a great time and it was so good to catch up with family! The first picture is some of my family including my dad (back row, middle or left of me), my mom (in green in front of me) and my brother (middle front, white shirt). I threw in a bunch of extra pictures for those of you who might be interested :)!

Scott and I also had a chance to visit his dad on Thursday and Friday, see our great friend Traci, go to the beach, and meet Dani and her husband this afternoon! (Dani, thank you so much for lunch once again and the eggling, it was so so so good to finally meet you!) We took the ferry from Orient Point to New London, CT on the way back to cut out some driving and traffic time..

And just for the record, I did start a new project over the long weekend! Amidst all the craziness, I did manage to learn the Magic Loop Method and start my Trekking Socks for the 3rd time! Woohoo! After three tries, I finally made it (and, thank you Kerstin for the cable cast on recommendation… what a great elastic edge)! From the picture below, you can see that Mr. Sock (later to be granted the name Dr. Sock) made the trek with me to the wedding (mind you, my brother thought I was nuts-o!

And just in case you want to see a better pictures, here we are as of 8:00 tonight! All that car time gave me plenty of time with Mr. Sock …. oh, I mean Dr.!

Froggy Day

I started this sock last night and this is what I ended up with… Could it be a wristband??? Tempting, but no. After a brief frogging episode, I ended up with a lovely pile of yarn and the same Trekking Yarn I started with. I was obsessed with this yarn, when I saw a few other people using it, but am not as happy with how it knits up in terms of the colorway. Don’t get me wrong, I love the colors, I just don’t like the twist as much as I though I was going to.

The reason why I frogged this was that the cast on edge was way to loose. I used size 1US for this, but am going to try casting on with a 1 and moving to a 2 to keep it a bit more even overall. I highly recommend The Knitter for Trekking and other nice yarns. They have free shipping and have super nice customer service. I emailed back and forth with Judy about yarn, stock and, of course, Boulder since that is where they are based and that is where I am from!

I have an exciting day tomorrow… I am venturing out to the the Massachusetts Sheep and Woolcraft Fair! Check out this for more information!

The Solo Sock

My first completed sock… and I am not thrilled with it if you can imagine that! I have really high expectations and I am just dissapointed with the size and the few holes at the heel seam in this bad boy. The sock is just too damn tight around my ankle (on the top of my foot, I have a high arc between my ankle and the top of my foot if you can imagine that). Nevertheless, I had to struggle to put the sock on and ended up stretching out the top half of the sock a decent amount. I casted on with 68 stitches on size 1 needles using the Yankee Classic Sock pattern and fortissima cotton 742. Any suggestions on how to get this right the next time?! I will probably go ahead and make the other one and just hope that they stretch out over time… The sock feels great when its on, I just hate how it looks off the foot.



Sock Progress

My first sock is progressing well. I made it through the heel after a bit of consultation with a woman at my favorite knitting store, Black Sheep Knitting Company in Needham, MA. I love the ladies in there, they are so nice and are always willing to give you advice or help you out. I do have to say, I haven’t been in the store for a few weeks and they are definitely improving their selection… I had to resist major temptation and walked out with only a single skein of new yarn (a beautiful hand painted number from Farmhouse Yarns). But wow, I was majorly impressed! Anyways, back to the sock… I am currently working on the gusset decrease and am just about on the foot. Hopefully I will finish within the next week! And then there was one… How the hell do people find modivation to do the other sock?! I need to learn the magic loop method so that I don’t become the one sock wonder.



Sock Week

This week has gone by quick, but I have been diligently working on my first sock. It is actually coming along much quicker than I had imagined, maybe because the rounds are only 68 stitches compared to my felted bag I am working on that is 164 around. I have to say, I do enjoy working on size one needles. I was planning on using a size 3 needle, but felt that they were too big. I am happy with the size of the stitches. My ribbing is a bit messy, but once I got the hang of it, it evened out. I am getting a bit nervous now that I am edging closer and closer to the heel, but looking at the pattern, it doesn’t seem that bad (I just think the whole “turning of the heel” gets blown out of proportion). So, hopefully I am correct! Wish me luck this weekend… hopefully I will get to that point soon!