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Bags and Socks, Socks and Bags

First things first, my cousin Rachel came over to knit with me the other night and look what she is doing!!! She is making a bag made out of recycled plastic bags (okay, I am totally blanking on the official pattern name)! The pattern is from Simple Knits With A Twist, by Erika Knight. I am so proud of her… partly because I taught her how to knit, but also because she has only been knitting since late last year. So, congrats Rachel on almost being done with an awesome project. I will post a picture of the completely finished version soon since you can only see the bag pieces below.

As for my knitting, I finished my Trekking socks today and am super happy with how they turned out! They are really comfortable and colorful and went super quick with the Magic Loop method. A bunch of you have asked me where I bought this yarn… I got it online from The Knitter. This online store is great and is based out of Boulder, CO, so how could I not support my hometown?!

In terms of a pattern, I sort of used the Winter Sock pattern in the Magic Loop pamphlet, but mainly did it on my own. I used size 1US needles, and 64 stitches. The leg part is 7 inches long, the heel is 2.5 and the foot is 6.5 before the toe decreases. Hooray socks!

As for the next few days, I plan on starting the Field of Flowers shawl (I did try to start one already, but got hung up on the crocheted cast on) and some more socks. I am also going to dye some more yarn if I am in town this weekend. We might be heading up to Maine on Saturday morning. Oh, and I am going to see Tom Petty tomorrow night.. how fun!! Have a good Friday and weekend everyone!


HP for HP

Through all the Harry Potter craziness, I’ve been knitting rather than reading. I actually started this scarf the end of May… however, it became lost in the shadows of larger projects. I am knitting this for my 10 year old cousin named HP (yes, how odd and coincidental) which stands for H. Perry (with Perry being his official middle name and what he tends to go by). Anyways, I am really happy with how its turning out. I am using Cascade 220 yarn in a maroon and gold for gryffindor! I am modifying it a bit by making it shorter (probably 10 repeats instead of 14) and 10 stitches narrower to better suit a small 10 year old. And guess what??!! I found a great little project to make with the scrap yarn I have leftover from this project. Check this out if you are reading Harry Potter too! How cute is that?!

Also, I have been trekking away on my Trekking sock #2! I am just about at the heel and hope to finish this by next week to complete the pair. I didn’t even attempt to match up the stripes since there is no pattern and the colors are all random.

I Wish I Had Twins

Look at my new sock! I wish it already had a twin, but soon enough. I am extremely happy with how it turned out considering it was my first magic loop sock. It fits perfectly since I added an extra 1/2 inch to the heel flap to account for my massive arch. I also made sure I had enough stitches around (66) and enough length (6.5 inches) before the toe decrease. The sock felt super soft on my foot and was really comfortable to wear. Mind you I looked like I lost a few screws when I went outside to water plants with only one sock on. I think the neighbors were a bit confused until I told them I was trying on a sock I just finished knitting… they still looked confused. I don’t think they knew what knitting was!? Owell, I tried.

Have a great Friday everyone and thank you thank you thank you for all your kitty birthday wishes!

Tuesdays Are For Tigers

You know the tiger sock yarn I dyed last week?!

Well, Anna was nice enough to knit it up for me! I didn’t think it was going to come out this cool! I really wanted wider stripes and will probably change a few things for the next batch, but overall I am happy with it! More important, Anna likes it! Also, thanks Anna for the pictures :) Now, its watermelon time….

If you want to see another picture, click here!


Sock Away the Sadness

Not much knitting news here this week. Mostly, I have been working on my Trekking sock. Its going pretty quickly, I am just about on the foot! I did also start the wavy skirt but had to frog because I knit the first stitch marker INTO the yarn, and I refused to cut the stitch marker since it was one from Amy!

UPDATE: These socks are made with Trekking XXL yarn in color #100. I bought it at where you get a reasonable price and free shipping! I am using size 1 turbo addi needles and the magic loop method. I really do love the MLM with the exception of when you have to pick up stitches on the heel. It was fairly awkward and I did get a few gaps which I need to go back and fix when I am done. All in all, I really do think that the MLM is a quicker and easier way to knit socks. I can knit more relaxed if that makes sense. I know I will go back and knit socks using DPN’s at some point, but for now I am all magic!

Sorry I sound down today, I am just really upset by what happened in London… Are you all okay over there?! I strive to think that this world will be peaceful someday, and that all the hate and anger will dissolve into happiness.