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Packing It Up

Scott and I are going to be leaving Boston in about 5 days. It’s sounds so scary – we are sad to leave amazing friends and family; but yet we know that life is about change and experiences. Colorado, though a very familiar place to me, will be a new starting point for us as a family. We are excited to be returning to a place I’ve always called home.

These last couple of weeks have been fun and eventful. We had one last visit with our special place in Vermont, and spent a few days last week on the Vineyard. I’ll post some pictures of that soon, I promise! We’ve done dinners, parties, BBQ’s and have been having a blast. But now, the packing…

When you see your yarn all packed up and ready to go, it becomes real. I unfortunately have to say bye-bye to my stash for a bit, as it will be living in storage for a couple of months until we find a more permanent place to live. Soon hopefully, I will be able to have the perfect craft room and studio, where I can play with all this yarn whenever I please :)

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Random Picture Wednesday

No knitting news = secret knitting + very little knitting time. I know I promised a seaming tutorial to a few people, but its going to have to wait until next week. The crappy rain made good pictures nearly impossible, and we are heading out of town for a few days coming up.

I’ll leave you with some pretty stuff – Some newly acquired handspun sock yarn from Julie on Ravelry…

Some new pretty Paper Source wrapping paper!

Soma, on daddy’s shoulder –

My First Webs

Yesterday I went out to Northampton for my first Webs experience! What an amazing place… a wonderful selection and even more wonderful discounts! The store was having a special Charmed Knits booksigning event with Alison, so of course a bunch of us had to go and show our support. They even had cake! It felt good to be in a happy Harry Potter environment, since I just saw Order of the Phoenix the night before and was still a bit traumatized.

I even splurged a little bit and came home with some beautiful yarns!

I absolutely love Jaeger yarns, especially the Siena and the Aqua. The Siena is great to use in patterns that call for Rowan 4-ply cotton and the Aqua is a great baby/kids knit yarn. I also couldn’t resist the sweet deals on the Debbie Bliss cotton angora or the fun colors of the Artyarns Ultramerino.

The store was giving out little kits for the house colored bookmarks! Too cute :)

This yummy green Jaeger yarn also followed me home yesterday, but it came from Carol, not Webs! Thank you again Carol! We did a little yarn swap that left me with 16 balls of soft greeny goodness. On the way home I was brainstorming on patterns for myself, but then Scott started throwing hints on how it would be nice for him too.. hmm :)

Spring Preview

My apartment is currently full of Spring! I’m in the midst of reskeining hundreds of skeins of yarn for this weeks post and two wholesale orders… Its a lot of work, but it sure does make my table super pretty!

Yesterday at Knitsmiths, we had another yarn swap! The last few times the swaps went on I was here and here. My goal was to come home with less than what I brought.. Success! I showed up with about 25 skeins in tow and left with this:

The first picture is what I ended up with in the swap (Koigu, Malabrigo, some Alpaca and Wool Cotton). The second picture was a birthday present from Johanna! So sweet :) Its Mind’s Eye Yarns merino tencel sock yarn (and look, an undyed skein for me to play with)!. I’ve never been to Lucy’s store in Cambridge, but plan on going soon to say hello.

So, that is it for today. I still have to catch up on some current projects and another finished one… There will more posts soon once I get all this yarn off my table (literally speaking). Have a great week everyone!

Dangers of Working At A Yarn Store

As you can see below, working at a yarn store is dangerous. Most of my purchases are small, but every once in a while, when you just can’t resist…

Yes, I did it Johanna. Check it… 8 skeins of Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in THE MOST GORGEOUS SHADE OF ORANGE EVER!!! My plans are to make this little cap sleeve summer top.

Another big purchase was for the skirt on the cover of the Spring Vogue. I have 6 skeins of chocolate brown as the main color. Call me boring, but pink is just not my thing! I think the brown will be fabulous in the spring and fall (if I can get it knit for this spring) since it can go with almost any color.

And I thought I had officially finished Scott’s cardigan two nights ago; however, I am not happy with the dark colored thread on the orange zipper. The collar is a bit big, so it flops over in the front and makes the zipper stitching too much of a focus for me to handle. So, this weekend I am in charge of redoing it once again in a clear nylon thread (which I had no clue existed until work yesterday). Then a little more blocking, and hopefully I’ll have pictures for you soon!