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All Smiles

Days like today, I realize how many wonderful people there are in this world. I find that in times when I need it most, someone, whether it be a great friend, or a new friend, is there for me in one way or another. And, with that said, its also time for one of my favorite quotes… “In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but the gratefulness that makes us happy.” So, thank you Dani for my wonderful surprise that showed up in the mail today. I am truely grateful!

Now, since that was a bit mushy, I get to play show and tell with my surprise package! Dani sent me this lovely basket for yarnage and anything else my heart desires. Kali thanks you too as you can tell by the picture below! I am also the proud new owner of this and some gorgeous Gedifra Fashion Trend Stripe yarn in the blues! This yarn is something I have never seen before and look foward to making something fabulous for myself for the winter.

As for tonight, I am a bit busy, but hope to get in some sock knitting later on. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Cats and Yarn

What happens when you leave the room and your knitting is left on the futon? You return to find kittens trying it on for size! I took these pictures around Christmas time and I just couldn’t resist posting.

Sorry I have no new knitting pictures, but my kerchief scarf is blocking (mind you, I ran out of yarn with five stitches left to cast off) and I am in a frantic state getting ready for my trip to Oregon tomorrow. I have a cab picking me up at 5:00a.m. (way too early). I am basically spending two days traveling for one day of work. Anyhow, I am bringing my big bad baby blanket and my sock with me since I will have about 15 hours to knit on plane rides. I also might bring the yarn I need to make Airy Scarf #2 for my Aunt for Mother’s Day… We’ll see!

Until Friday night… Happy knitting!


Knitting Frenzy

I have been knitting up a storm the last few days trying to finish a few projects. I put my foot down and set a goal of finishing the felted bag and the lace scarf this weekend. I think I am doing good… The felted bag has about another inch before I start the edge treatment as well as the strap. The lace scarf could be done right now, I just haven’t quite decided how long I want it to be.

As for everything else, this week has been extremely stressful between all these family issues and work. Hence, me knitting tons! Here is a cute picture of my kittens that I just love and since I have no good project pictures for now.



Happy 9 months old!

I just had to post some new pictures of my kitties since today they are 9 months old! These pictures were taken over the course of the last week or so. They have grown so fast, but Kali especially, is still tiny. I don’t think she is going to be much bigger than 6 pounds. Soma is about 8 pounds and looks more like a cat at this point.. Oh, my babies, I love you! You are the best kitties ever…



My kittens!!

Of course I have to post some pictures of my two kittens! I adopted them in October from a rescue organization outside of Boston. Soma is the gray diluted tiger and Kali is the black/tan tiger with white paws. They are right around 8 and a half months old. I wish you all could meet and play with them…