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Superwash My Way

For those of you who follow Sunshine Yarns, you’ll be happy to hear that there will be lots of new changes within the next month or so! First off, there is a new design in the works for my banner, button, tags, etc. You’ll have to wait to hear more about that :) Secondly, I have been experimenting with some superwash yarns! The one I seem to enjoy the most right now is a thinner fingering weight, but it has a unique look and feel to it, which I really enjoy. I’ll most likely be offering only the self-striping yarns in the superwash, but will be adding some new self-striping colorways as well. Below you can see two different superwash yarns. The center-pull ball is a thicker fingering weight in the Neapolitan colorway. The skein is actually a self-striping version of the Neapolitan in the thinner fingering weight! I will most likely use this skein for my Sockapalooza pal though I still have to decide what pattern I am going to do.

And here is the Harvest colorway not yet re-skeined in the thinner SW fingering weight. Doesn’t it hold the colors beautifully!?

And some of you will think I am crazy, but I lust over other’s sock yarns like you wouldn’t believe! I recently acquired some Vesper Sock Yarn from Julia. She is really such a sweet heart! She does some very unique colorways, which I really enjoy. Below are some pictures of my Midnight Knitter sock yarn :)

I also purchased some Socks that Rock Sock yarn and did really love the colorway. However, I knew it wasn’t really me (the purple was just too strong), so I traded with Johanna for some of this gorgeous Twinkle Toes yarn from Joslyns Fiber Farm! How beautiful is this stuff?!

And, as I was taking picture for this mornings post, I just couldn’t resist one of my little girls basking in the winter sun :) You can see my new swift again too! Have a good weekend everyone!


Celebrating Sunshine

My mom is great. Period. Even though she is back home in Colorado, she has managed to be so supportive these last few months during some harder times. Most of you know, I left my FT job and went to PT, and in the meantime started up Sunshine Yarns and started working at the store. Now, I have to admit, I didn’t expect my family to take this decision lightly, since I do have a Master’s degree and six years of school under my belt so far. However, my family and especially my mom, encouraged me to follow my heart and do what I though would make me happy. That is how I ended up where I am now. What lies ahead next year is still up in the air, but I am sure it will all work itself out in the end.

With that said, look what came in the mail last Friday!! My mom recently got back into quilting and made this beautiful wall hanging that celebrates Knitting Sunshine and Sunshine yarns. Look at all the suns! And, of course Kali and Soma were intrigued by new smells… They just couldn’t stay off of it while I was trying to take pictures!

So, thank you mom. I truely appreciate this and am so excited it has to do with Knitting Sunshine and Sunshine Yarns.


Thank You All!

I just want to send a big thanks to all of you who commented on my vacation pictures! It really meant alot to me and I truely appreciate all the kind words and support :) If you emailed me or asked a question in a comment, I will be getting back to you shortly.. I am just really backed up on emails right now.

Since I wasn’t thrilled with the pictures I orginally took of the Chevron Scarf, here are a few more that I took for myself. I love how these came out with the sky light in our kitchen…

And, since we missed our kitties so much, here are some pictures to celebrate ou return home to them! Both of my girls are really emotional and you can tell very easily when they are sad or happy. Kali is even more so than Soma and was just beaming when we returned. They have been sleeping ontop of us every night since we got back. Here is Kali below…

And some of Soma… She gets super playful and talkative when she is happy. She spent the morning rolling around with one of her favorite toys… the chili pepper filled with this strong organic catnip :)

I have a new project to show you all tomorrow! Also, I plan on dyeing more yarn this weekend and early this week… so if you are waiting for some watermelon, gryffindor or Christmas colors, here is your next chance!


The Sun Has Come Out

I feel behind on posts. I have a lot of things to share, but never enough time now to come up with a tasteful post… so, I’ll try to be a good girl this week :) I have recently created a list of things I have (or will) have yarn for this fall/winter and it is looking like the odds are against me. I’ll share that with you tomorrow maybe!

One project I have been working on this past week is the Mohair Singlet out of Jo Sharp’s Contemporary Knitting. I am using Soft Kid rather than the really fuzzy mohair the pattern calls for and am knitting this in the round. I am very close to done since I only have a few cm let of the body and the top will go super quick. I can’t wait to wear this with a nice cozy long sleeve shirt and some jeans! Unfortunately, while knitting this, I realized I have recently developed a bit of a sensitivity to mohair (so luckily this will be touching NO skin)!

And just because, here are a few very new pictures of Kali. See, even the kitties missed their sun spot after 9 days of rain!

Enjoy the nice fall weather for those of you here in New England! Hopefully my sock yarn comes today so that I can do some dyeing!


Lov’in the Lace

Finally its finished! It was quite the struggle to stay modivated on this one, but I love it! I had to fix it after I though I was done, which was annoying since the armpits were baggy and the straps were too long. I’m not thrilled with my quick fix straps, but I had no patience left. The armpits look better than before with the slip knot edge to cinch it up a bit. So, overall, I am happy and know that I will be wearing this alot this fall!

So, enjoy the pics and the few of Kali :) See below for project details. Happy Rosh Hashana to those of you who celebrate this sweet holiday :)

Pattern: Lace Camisole from Morehouse Farm
Yarn: Morehouse merino lace in soft white
Measurements: Approximately 32 inches wide up to 8 inches; then increased to 37 inches around. 14 inches from underarm to bottom. Straps are 9 inches.
Started: August 20, 2005
Finished: October 2, 2005
Other Important Details: I added some shaping to this camisole, as there was none in the pattern. I started with the medium and ended with the larger size. My gauge was smaller than the instructions called for, which made it more like a small with increases to the medium size. I started increases at around 7.5 to 8 inches. After I was finished, I realized the armpits were too big and the straps were too long. So, I did a crocheted slip knot border every third stitch around the armpit. This cinched it a bit, but I am extremely happy with how it fits. The straps.. I should have ripped apart rather than just sew some down to the inside. However, my patience was gone and I am happy overall. Oh, and one more thing… it only took three balls of merino lace rather than four. I used EXACTLY three to the inch!