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Hemlock Ring

Yes, I have been rather stealth-like with my knitting lately…. But, isn’t it purty?!

Normally, I don’t have the time or the desire to knit each night. But, with Scott being gone last week, and me being on top of yarnie business things, I had a couple hours each night to work on this… I normally don’t keep track of my knitting time, but I was curious to see how long this took. 20 hours for a beautiful lap throw?! Yep, see, you can do it too :)

Some outdoor pics:

Kali apparently found her new sleeping spot for the fall. She loves the woolly smell of the Ecowool and just can’t get enough of her scent on it! Luckily, the heathered, rustic yarn with cover up the accumulating cat hair and nail pulls nicely :)

Pattern: Hemlock Ring Blanket by Brooklyn Tweed
Yarn: Cascade Ecological Wool #8025, approximately 1.5 skeins
Needles: Addi Natura 32″ US10
Measurements: 48″ diameter
Started: September 14, 2007
Finished: September 20, 2007
Other Details: This pattern is wonderful on the heavier yarn. If you can get the Cascade Yarn, use it since it provides a rich, rustic feel. My only qualm is with the blocking. At first, I just dampened and pinned, but that wasn’t nearly enough. So, I steam blocked it a few times by holding the iron about an inch over the blanket. I started in the center and worked out. For the edging, I steamed it before and after pinning.

Falling Leaves

The Falling Leaves socks are finally done (yes, these are the socks I started while in Ireland). There was something so serene about finished up the second sock.. maybe it was because this pair is now tied to so many wonderful and beautiful memories of a place far away?! I hope so…

Kali was very impressed with the socks too. She spent about 10 minutes sniffing every last detail…

Pattern: Falling Leaves pattern from
Yarn: Sunshine Yarns in Shamrock
Measurements: Made to fit a women’s 8.5
Started: May 20, 2006
Finished: August 29, 2006
Other Details: The pattern got really boring after a while, but it is really beautiful! I love how my yarn knit up and thought that this colorway was so perfect for the pattern and the trip to Ireland :)


Flower Power

Hey look! Knitting! I got tired of the shawl and wanted to start something from Knitting Nature. I’m knitting the Turbulence U-Neck Pullover using Softwist (the same yarn as in the pattern) in a rich blue shade. This is such a quick knit in my mind since its on big needles (okay, call me psycho, but a US6 is big for me!). I have the back done and just started the front last night.

As you can see from the pictures, Kali apparently likes Knitting Nature too!

This past week, I’ve been a bit obsessed with flowers. I LOVE them. All of them. Here are some pictures I took while in Ireland of the flowers we came across. You’ll notice the fuschia and the lilies.. they were everywhere in the southwest!


Cap It Off

Sorry. I’m having problems smiling this morning apparently! The Cap Sleeve Top is done and I’m on my way to work :) Its about an inch wider and longer than I wanted it to be, but it grew (silk is heavy and it drapes like mad). Its very luxurious and beauitful nevertheless and it will get plenty of good wear on nice occassions.

See, no smile.

Still, no smile.

Okay, Kali cheered me up!

Project specs:
Pattern: Cap Sleeve Top from the Debbie Bliss Pure Silk Book
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Pure Silk in color #011
Measurements: Actual measurement is around 37.5 – 38″ around. Its hard to tell with this hard since it drapes so much. About an inch of extra give in this one, but it works.
Started: June 12, 2006
Finished: July 6, 2006
Other Details: Love the patterns out of this book as well as the yarn. Beware though, some of the sizings in this book are wrong. For this top, I should have made the third size. But, after looking at the schematic and redooing the math, it was apparent that DB editors don’t double check their math. So, be careful! Also, I would recommending making everything to fit your actual chest size rather than giving the normal 1 -2″ give. My chest size is 37″ and I should have knit this for a 36-37″ rather than a 37-38″. The only thing I changed was the back. I did a st st back rather than the lace panel. This made it a bit bigger (since there were no cables and lace), but my front was about an inch smaller and so it evened itself out in the end size wise.

In other news, one if my closest friends father’s passed away a couple of days ago. Scott and I can’t attend the funeral, but we are sending lots of warm thoughts out to Traci and her family. We love you!


Yesterday Morning

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours reskeining yarn that I had dyed on Sunday. For the first time ever, the store was completely empty last week! So, I chugged away on Sunday and even managed to have time for some new colorways :) Of course, Shamrock had to be one of them!

I think its funny, but everytime I attempt to do work at home, the kitties seem to want to snuggle or play. And, they want to get me involved. Here, you can all witness what happens:

Picture 1: Kali says, “Look how cute I am!”
Picture 2: Kali says, “Hmm, smells on your finger.. are you going behind my back and playing with some sheepies mommy?”
Picture 3: Kali thinks, “You’re my mommy, lets wrestle and play!”
Picture 4: Kali thinks, “Hmm, I think I just realized mommy isn’t a cat and can’t wrestle with me like I want to… lets go find that sister of mine!”
Picture 5: Sister playtime begins.. Soma never seems to have the upper hand in a good roll-around, but here it looks like she is taking charge!
Picture 6: Nevermind, two minutes later, Soma seems to be on the bottom with her ears being gnawed on.

Oh, and yesterday I also basted in Scott’s zipper successfully. No real ripples and it seemed to be perfectly flat… What am I doing today??!! TAKING IT OUT!!! After a discussion last night, we both thnk that the zipper really needs to be longer since it didn’t quite make it to the top of the collar. So, I ordered two different colors from here and hopefully the problem will be solved soon. Stupid zippers….