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I’m Still Here

Yep, still here — is anyone out there??

I had a very overwhelming last few months and needed a little blog break. I have a lot to catch up on and hope to resume blogging very, verry soon. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and very Happy New Year! I can’t believe we are already forging into February.

Hope all is well with you! I’ll be back soon, but for now, a pretty picture —


Fall to Winter

In Colorado, you can go from Fall to Winter in a heartbeat. A couple of weekends ago we were amongst the gorgeous Aspens up in the mountains —

Colorado Aspens

Now, today we are getting our first snow of the season!

First Snow 2009

I love how quickly things can change around here, though I have to admit, my dye pots weren’t quite ready. We have been picking the last of the garden recently too. We had a couple nights of frost last weekend, and many of our plants took a hit. So, I’m home dyeing yarn and making pesto with the end of our summer basil. You’ll have to see the last couple weeks of gardening — though, I’ll save that for another day. Stay warm if its cold where you are!

Carrot Greens and Beer

That was all we had in the fridge for the first week at our new house. We moved over the course of two weeks and are finally all settled – we even started hanging some pictures on the wall! Phew….

Our new place is fabulous. We have the mountains and open space in the backyard, a house to call home and two levels of living/business space for us and the kitties to play in. Though we don’t own this place, I feel like this will be perfect for at least the next year.

Welcome to Twilight street!

Twilight Street

All the moving and keeping the business running has left me with pretty much no time for anything else. The garden is still doing awesome and we have another triathalon coming up in a few weeks. I need to find my knitting mojo! I do have a spinning project to show you, but for now, another yellow-inspired shot (hopefully you aren’t sick of all the yellow yet).

Our first True Gold zuchini for the year paired with a few yummy yellow Sunshine Yarns colorways –

Yellow Goodness

Have a great weekend!

Peak Triathalon

On Sunday morning, at the butt crack of dawn, I finished the Boulder Peak Triathalon. This was my first Olympic distance Tri and it was really an amazing experience. Boulder has some of the world’s best athletes, and it was very cool to race amongst many of them….

Here I am a few days ago getting ready for my last ride! I know, I look serious from behind, don’t I?

Last Ride!Last Ride!

A small early morning and pre-race mosaic at Boulder Reservoir! My friend Sarah did the Triathalon too, which made it alot more fun —

Boulder Peak Mosaic

I ended up finishing in about 250th place out of about 600 women with a time of 3:11:42. I wanted to go at least 3:30, so I made that goal. If I didn’t get shin splints on the 10k run, I could have actually run most of the run straight, without having to stop and walk here and there. Right there, thats 15 minutes. See how competitive I can be?

Now, on to the next race! We are doing the Wild on Windsor the end of August. This one should be easier – no 15% climb during the ride and maybe they will map the swim to the right distance this time! I am pretty sure I’ll be able to go at least 2:55 for this race, but for now, I’m taking a few days of rest and will get back into the swing of things later this week.

Did I mention we are moving? Starting tomorrow, we have a beautiful, beautiful house right up against the mountains. We are just renting, but I am so in love with the location and the house itself. So, another few busy weeks ahead!


I love owls – so when I saw Parikha’s version of this hat, I knew I had to knit it up for a few little ones out there…. immediately!


So, sorry for the not fabulous pictures, I’ve really been trying to get my act together this week after lots and lots of dyeing/posting/winding. I’m already working on a second one; and have plans for a third in this same yarn for little Amelia. I can’t wait!

This specific hat will be gifted with the totally awesome and crunchy Kaya’s Kloset new organic shoes! I think someone who values O-wool, will also value organic shoes for their little one. You have to go take a peek at Johanna’s etsy store! Every little baby I know has some of these :)