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Fundraiser Finale

HOLY MOLY!!! Thank you all SO much for helping us raise $8,760!! We didn’t quite hit our mark with $10,000, but I am so, so proud of everyone and am just amazing at what we can do. We had probably about half of the donations go to the Red Cross, and the other half to the Humane Societies and Wolf Sanctuary. It was a hard, hard month in Colorado, and hopefully July stays cooler with more rain. Even though the fires have passed, those that lost their homes will remember the firestorm we had here in June forever. So, big hugs and thanks to each and every one of you!

The best part is, we have TONS of prizes to give away!! If you just gave me your first name, I’ll try to post an added descriptor next to it as well. If you did win a prize, I will be emailing you in the next day or two to get your address :)


The Grand Prize winner of a sweater’s worth of Sunshine: COLLEEN L.
Handmade Card Set #1: KAT
Handmade Card Set #2: PATTI C.
Le Florimond Handspun and stitch markers: MARDEE B.
Wonderland Handspun and stitch markers: LISA H.
Paper Dolls Handspun and stitch markers: DIANE P.
Cherry Blossoms Handspun and stitch markers: JESSICA L.
Italian Riviera Handspun and stitch markers: NANCY M.
Denim Blue Handspun and stitch markers: LAURA (wombatgirl)
My wool/silk pink/green handspun and stitch markers: JENNIFER K.
Sensational Knitted Sock books — CONNIE G.
Start Spinning book and lotion — LISA M.
Mom’s Quilted Wall Hanging — CINDY O.
Lantern Moon Needles/bag and lotion — ANGELA W.
Savory Spice Gift Set — MICHAEL-LYN
Sunshine Tote Bag and Lotion — LIZ D.
Indieway Yarn and pattern from wishlist — NISSE B.
Nisse Citrus Peel Handspun — MANDY (don’t have a descriptor, but will email you tomorrow)
Thea Colman Babycocktails 5 pack of patterns — KATHERINE C.
Barbara Benson pattern set — JUDITH L.
Terri Kruse 2 pattern set — WENDI W.
Ozo Mug #1 – JILL K.
Ozo Mug #2 – VALERIE S.
Set of 6 stitch markers — STEPHANIE M.

YAYYYYY!!!! I’m going to go through and make sure I didn’t miss any prizes, etc. tonight. If you have any questions, definitely email me :) Thank you all so, so much again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Final Prizes

We hope you all had a great weekend! We wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow, the 10th of July, is the final day to get your donations in, if you wanted to be in the running for our drawing! We thank ALL OF YOU for your love and support. Thankfully, the past few days have been full of rain and some Seattle-type weather. The cooler temperatures, moisture, fog and high humidity have been a complete blessing!

Speaking of blessings… we have a new member of the family to introduce to you all soon! I’ll be posting more about that tomorrow.

For now, here is another picture of some prizes, just to tease you!! Good friend and knitter Kate, has donated some books and 2 skeins of handspun… gorgeous!!

More Prizes

More prizes to show you!! If you haven’t donated yet, you still have through Tuesday to do so! And, we have more prizes coming STILL!! We are well over $5,000 — lets try to get to $10,000!!!

3 skeins of Handspun from Michael-Lyn and Aloft Fibers! THey are all spun from Sunshine Yarns SW Merino Roving. The dark pink is Le Florimond DK weight and is 156 yards. THe fun colored skein is Wonderland thick and thin and is 211 yards. And finally, the gorgeous purples is a whopping 8 oz. of fingering weight (610 yards) in the Paper Dolls Colorway. DROOL!!!! Thank you Michael-Lyn for this gorgeous prize donation!

A new prize from Mama Sunshine!! My Mom, Leslie, is an avid quilter and made this for one lucky winner. Its a Wall hanging in Shades of Blue! Thank you so much MOM!!

And, Sheri’s stitch markers arrived!! She sent us 12 lovely sets of stitch markers!! We will be including these in with some of the yarny prizes. Thank you so much Sheri — they are all beautiful!

We All Love Prizes!

These are some of the prizes I have sitting here for the Colorado Wildfire Fundraiser!! This is just a small handful of some of the goodies I have here. Remember, I have a sweater’s worth of yarn, a few sets of grab bag skeins, more totes, more needles, tons of patterns donated by designers, more handspun on the way, greeting cards, stitch markers and YARN AND YARN!!!! The list is growing by the day, so lets keep the donations rolling in!! I’ll be adding to the list on the post below, as things get finalized!

We hope you all had a great weekend! We were busy between all the yarny stuffs and the fundraiser, but we were happy to take a break and head to Red Rocks on Saturday night. We saw the Avett Brothers and they were just amazing (and just what we needed). At the concert, they passed around a boot to raise money for the Colorado Wildfires, and wow… What an audience of 9,000 can do! They did this the night before too and raised over $20,000, but I think we beat them on night 2. I still need to find an amount for that…

Okay, that it is for today! I have a few more pictures up on my flickr too of some yarn donations. And, don’t forget, there is also a Sunshine Yarns store update tomorrow, July 3rd at 11am MDT!! Yay!

More Prizes!

We are adding more prizes to the list below, but I also wanted to announce them here! We have:

*Thea Coleman, of BabyCocktails is donating a pack of 5 patterns of your choice!!

*Michael-Lyn, our Sunshine Yarnies moderator, and the face behind Aloft Fibers is donating a skein of handspun!

*Sheri, of Handmade by Sheri, is donating a handful of stitch marker sets!!