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The Sunny Side of Sunsilk

Working here at Sunshine Yarns, I am surrounded by beautiful yarns all waiting to be worked with knitting needles or crochet hooks.  One particular yarn stands out.


Straight out of the box, this yarn shimmers like the sun and brightens up any yarn stash.  Sunsilk is a two-ply fingering weight 100% silk yarn.  It is cool to the touch and drapes like water; perfect for both summer and winter projects.  The drape and sheen of this yarn will make your lace knitting stand out more than any other yarn.  Here are two shawls that Dani made out of Sunsilk.


The yellow shawl is Ishbel by Yoslda Teague in the Sunshine colorway.  The tan shawl is dyed in Mushroom and was knit in the Swallowtail pattern by Evelyn A. Clark.  Both of these patterns can be found on Ravelry

An Introduction!!

Hello Sunshine Yarns readers! My name is Chelsea Moller and I am a Sunshine Yarns intern that started this summer. To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a fine art student at Colorado State University where I concentrate on textile arts. I first found out about Sunshine Yarns after a field trip to a local yarn store in Fort Collins called My Sister Knits. There I discovered that Sunshine Yarns were looking for an intern. As I head into my last semester of school, I am interested in learning about the business end of running a yarn company. After hearing Dani’s story about how she started her company, I knew that I could learn a lot from her. As part of my assignments, I will be posting about what I learn during my time with Dani and share behind-the-scenes pictures, giving you a sneak peak into the workings of Sunshine Yarns. Here is the first sneak peek. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here are pots set to cool with freshly dyed Summer Wedding skeins. This is part of Dani’s Sun Days series colorways. It’s amazing to watch once white yarns become these beautiful skeins ready to be knitted into something wonderful.


I am excited to share all that I learn and experience with you.  Look for more to come in the following weeks!

That’s Me Dyeing in the Snow

I don’t think twice about it, but some people thing its so funny/hilarious/awesome/crazy that I dye yarn outside year-round. Now, this isn’t really a choice, its more of a fact that I have zero studio space. I refused to continue using my kitchen as the studio when we moved to Colorado, and I have been standing firm. It does stink on some colder/snowier days, but I really do enjoy being outside and I’m never short of fresh air. I will hopefully have an amazing studio soon, but for now, I am enjoying the outdoors..

Last Bit of Love

Now that they have all been sent and received, I can finally show off the super-duper “Sweet Sunshine” Valentine’s Day sock kits! These were so fun to put together, but took way more time than I could have expected. Of course, I had to have them all be just perfect…

The kits included: Secret Keeper skein of Classic sock yarn, heart tin with red hots, Chocolove bar, custom chapstick, mini Soak wash, two little heart stitch markers, conversation hearts, pencil, heart erasers, heart lollipop and a sweet thank you.

I hope you all enjoyed your kits – I can’t wait to do another round!

Spreading the Love

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my amazing customers, family and friends!

Happy Valentine's Day!