Celebrate Spring Sock Pattern

I have some exciting news – a new sock pattern using Sunshine Yarns! The pattern is called Celebrate Spring and it is by the amazing Ann Budd (yes, the Ann Budd). A couple of months ago, a local little yarn/ice cream store, Purl Knit Cafe, started carrying my yarns. Kim, the owner, is one of the sweetest people I’ve met. Anyways, Ann teaches classes there and offered to do a pattern with my yarns. I didn’t even realize she lived in Boulder until I moved back here!

Kim, and Ann, have graciously allowed me to post the pattern here on my blog. I have a link below for the full pattern download, but for now, a few pictures!


The pattern uses one skein of Sunshine Yarns Classic Sock. The sock is knit on the tighter side, with 9 sts/1″ on a US0. The good news is that you could also use the Twist or the Soft sock yarn bases if you want with this gauge! I am updating the store tomorrow (March 24th at 11am) with lots of Classic sock overdyes, a new Sportweight collection set for all those heels and toes, and a new Spring Color Collection Set!

The full pattern can be seen here.

And, a few pictures of the uber cute store here in Boulder. If you are in the area, you should stop by for a wonderful selection of yarn and some ice cream!


Have a great week everyone!

5 Thoughts on “Celebrate Spring Sock Pattern

  1. Thanks for this great new sock pattern! I think I might use the latest Harry Potter sock club yarn for this one – how perfect for Prof Sprout.

  2. Thanks, Dani! I think I’l be trying this with the Hedwig yarn! w00t!

  3. Beautiful sock – and of course, in a gorgeous colorway! Congrats – the repeat is really different, I love it.

    Your LYS has ice cream right there (or maybe next door)??? so lucky.

  4. Marcia Bowden on April 10, 2009 at 6:47 am said:

    Love the sock pattern; it’s perfect with that colorway.
    Where can I get that colorway?

  5. nice pattern, i made it, thangs!

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