How is it September?!

I can’t believe how the past few months have flown by! Sadly, the blog and my knitting have been neglected. But, the good news is that we bought our first house and moved mid-August! Our new house still needs a studio proper, and a little TLC, but it does has everything we could ask from Colorado.

Our almost 2 acre little gem:

Other than the crazy amount of house-hunting and dyeing of massive amounts of yarn the past 7 months, we managed to squeeze in a triathalon mid-Summer, 4 weddings, a huge backyard garden, and a trip back to Boston and Vermont. I wonder why summer flew by?! Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of you!!

7 Thoughts on “How is it September?!

  1. That looks like a perfect country house! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. Happy long Labor Day weekend to you as well :)

  2. It looks like a wonderful new home, congratulations to you both. I look forward to future pictures and updates, I hope you’ll find the time to blog and share this new chapter of your lives.

  3. I love your new house! One of the many good reasons your summer flew by so quickly.

  4. Congrats on such an adorable house!

  5. Wow! Congratulations Dani – it’s beautiful!

  6. Hope you will be very happy in your lovely home..
    happy knitting and nesting..

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